guyline|guy-line|guy-lines|guylines in English


rope used to secure structures (tents,ship masts, etc.) and preventing them from blowing away or from falling ove

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1. Sometimes Guy goes by various nicknames including Guy Sloan Bowering, Guy S Bowering and Guy Solan Bowering.

2. The bad guy had become the good guy, the almost great guy.

3. There was this guy Steve, the I.T. guy.

4. He was a nice guy, a likable guy.

5. Some guy.

6. And why would a guy wanna marry a guy?

7. And a guy left a message, a guy... em, McCluskey.

8. This guy spawns near the zone line to WC inside of Befallen

9. Technically, Vegetative State Guy was woken by, yeah, Caustic Guy.

10. Was this guy playing with our spotter , the preppy guy?

11. Faith, Guy.

12. Smart guy.

13. Ought to make it a silent picture the way the guy does his lines.

14. I mean, if you consider stabbing a guy for jumping the line

15. Tags: surprise funny guy funny video scared guy Crapped his pants

16. I definitely am a cool guy, but not a good guy.

17. Not our guy.

18. The guy vanished.

19. Wise guy, huh?

20. Bowler Hat Guy.

21. Guy, you rock.

22. The vacuum guy?

23. You're a guy.

24. Alvin. Good guy.

25. Okay, new guy...