guard|guards in English


[gɑrd /gɑːd]

careful watch; sentry, watchman; protection; alertness, defense; carefulness; conductor (British)

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1. The guards will be accommodated in the United Nations Guard Unit accommodation building, which is being expanded.

2. “Unless Jehovah guards the city, it is in vain that the guard stays awake.” —PS. 127:1b.

3. Unless Jehovah himself guards the city, it is to no avail that the guard has kept awake.”

4. As today, the semipro Allenville Federal Prison guards will be taking on the very prisoners they guard.

5. 1918 – Finnish Civil War: The first serious battles take place between the Red Guards and the White Guard.

6. GRINDSHIELD Bruxism Mouth Guard – Smaller Size, Moldable, Custom Fit - 4 Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding & Case – Dental Guard, Nightguard for Teeth Clenching, Mouthguard for Sleep, TMJ Night Guard 4.3 out of 5 stars 388

7. Guard - Most WWII M1 Garand Bayonets for sale on eBay have guards added to the tops of the handles

8. Prince William wore an Irish Guards mounted officer's uniform in Guard of Honour Order with a forage cap, rather than the bearskin hat.

9. Guards!

10. Guards.

11. Guards down.

12. Rail guards

13. It is as the scripture says: ‘Unless Jehovah himself guards the city, it is to no avail that the guard has kept awake.’”—Psalm 127:1.

14. Body guard synonyms, body guard pronunciation, body guard translation, English dictionary definition of body guard

15. Accessories of metal for clay roof tiles, namely roof ridge clamps, climbing and step elements of metal, snow guards, base plates for snow guard supports or pole holders, snow guard elements, aluminium shingle, screw nails, snow stoppers, storm hooks, aerial attachments

16. Summon the guards.

17. Hello, mer-guards!

18. Guards, after him.

19. The Green Guards.

20. Boxing gloves, pads, skin pads, kick guards, cups, abdomen guards, belly pads, strike shields, thai pads, paddles, punch cushions, target pads, ankle pads, ear guards, elbow guards, knee pads

21. Are those guards?

22. Door Latch Protectors, Guards & Astragals; Door Latch Protectors, Guards & Astragals

23. (Revelation 16:15) This may allude to Levite temple guards who were stripped of their garments and publicly disgraced if they were found sleeping during their guard duty.

24. A civil war between the Finnish Red Guards and the White Guard ensued a few months later, with the Whites gaining the upper hand during the springtime of 1918.

25. Leave your guards outside