guarantor`s liability|guarantor liability in English

legal responsibility of a guarantor for the repayment of another's debt

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1. He acted as my guarantor.

2. Confidence is the first guarantor in learning English!

3. "Surety" includes a guarantor or other secondary obligor.

4. What material should be a guarantor to the banks?

5. Body Language is foundation! Personal Management is guarantor!

6. 14 "Surety" includes a guarantor or other secondary obligor.

7. Is a personal guarantor enough to get a loan?

8. Or someone can sign with us as a guarantor.

9. The United Nations will act as guarantor of the peace settlement.

10. Employers practices liability, general liability, personal accident, professional liability (directors and officers) insurance

11. I must tell you, a hotel can't act as a shop guarantor. "

12. Families are about love and trust; law is the guarantor of distrust.

13. The guarantor of good government was the influence of public opinion.

14. Regarding nature of civil liability of misrepresentation, there are three major schools in academic community: contractual liability, tort liability and independent liability.

15. 26 The original lessee was not merely a guarantor or surety.

16. Personal liability insurAnce for consultants, liability insurAnce for small business, professional liability insurAnce for consultants, liability insurAnce for consultants, consultant general liability insurAnce, insurAnce for consulting business, professional liability for consultants, public liability insurAnce for consultants Online, Compuserve or would require different people, home

17. Contractual liability involves the financial consequences emanating from liability, not the assumption of the indemnitee's liability itself

18. A partnership may have unlimited liability as well as limited liability.

19. The mortgage made Mrs. Jones personally liable, as guarantor, to pay the £000.

20. General partners may have unlimited liability. Limited partners enjoy limited liability.

21. All liability arising out of the use of aircraft (including carrier’s liability).

22. Civil liability for service deflects can not simply look at as a contractual liability or tort liability, and it should be defined as a cross of contractual and tort liability.

23. In the election campaign you are arguing that it's the guarantor of the transition.

24. You can't become his guarantor if you go there without money in your hands "

25. Contractual Liability — liability imposed on an entity by the terms of a contract