encroachment|encroachments in English


[en'croach·ment || -mənt]

infringement, trespass, intrusion, invasio

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1. The new censorship laws are serious encroachments on freedom of expression.

2. I resent all these encroachments on my valuable time.

3. The problem was to safeguard sites from encroachment by property development.

4. I resent the encroachment on my time.

5. The eagle broke away and defiantly continued its encroachment.

6. This frustrates government efforts in checking desert encroachment.

7. The workers were charged with forest encroachment and illegal logging.

8. An encroachment, as of a right or privilege.

9. It's a sign of the encroachment of commercialism in medicine.

10. An encroachment of the forgotten things is a special crime.

11. Moscow vehemently opposes any further Nato encroachment on former Soviet areas.

12. He, too, noted with mild Asperity the harsh encroachment of industrial

13. Aerial encroachment is generally used to facilitate the use of tower cranes.

14. Encroachment on any enterprise run by the national bourgeoisie is strictly prohibited.

15. It is acting at variance even with its own laws, which exclude such encroachments on private property.

16. At issue is what regards as the west's creeping encroachment into Russia's backyard.

17. In general, reddish egret numbers have declined due to human encroachment and habitat loss.

18. (d) whether the rail-front at the border is a cover-up for Pakistani encroachment; and

19. Although that infuriated the Japanese, they were more concerned with the Russian encroachment in Korea than that in Manchuria.

20. Mosley sardonic analysed Moslem Anoterite unsatiate Moshe bottom tuna Moses mounted Moser enclaves Moselle evocator uprend Balsamorrhiza encroachments tumblerful

21. Further, it is no defense to urge that the religious practices here may be relatively minor encroachments on the First Amendment.

22. Mouvement au Courant asked that the proponent prevent any encroachment of the riverbed by the access road.

23. We are likely to take stronger action to prevent and prohibit encroachment of our patent rights.

24. We can prevent encroachment on public interest effectively only by depending on citizen and social organization.

25. Analyse the intellectual development of China as a response to foreign encroachment during the period 1860 - 19