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1. I think he's the best defender around.

2. an indefatigable defender of human rights.

3. Public defender quickly shouted: goal ah!

4. That new defender is the business!

5. He presented himself as a defender of democracy.

6. She is a strict defender of Catholic orthodoxy.

7. Perry Mubanga is a Zambian football defender.

8. Schedule A scan in Microsoft Defender Antivirus

9. I saw her public defender on TV.

10. James is entitled to a public defender.

11. Walton also plays better defense. He not a good man-to-man defender but he is an efficient team defender.

12. Archangel Michael – The Great Defender and Protector

13. JOHANNESBURG - Former Mamelodi Sundowns defender Anele Ngcongca has died

14. Simphiwe Dludlu is a South African football defender.

15. The defender kicked the ball out of play.

16. It's his fourth season as an Arsenal defender.

17. Voltron Fanfiction by Barbitone Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

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19. Risks of Allowing apps through Windows Defender Firewall

20. Bowler Packages Defender Challenge Rally Kit - from £23,220 Bowler exclusively designed and manufactured upgrades for Bowler vehicles, Land Rover Defender 90 and 110.

21. Asserere o Assertum , que significa afirmar o defender (Robredo, 1995)

22. The major worry concerns skipper and key defender Brian Gayle.

23. Defensive foul in the post, defender wipes away offensive player’s arm Offensive Foul in the post, offensive player Backdowns and dislodges defender Offensive Foul in the post, offensive player Backdowns and dislodges defender “This is an example of an offensive foul for dislodging

24. The defender argued down the prosecutor at the court.

25. Marine Air conditioners and a/c systems from Defender

26. 20 She is a strict defender of Catholic orthodoxy.

27. The team's secret weapon was their new young defender.

28. He got round the defender using some slick footwork.

29. You have a defender, you have an offensive player.

30. 2 It's his fourth season as an Arsenal defender.

31. A public defender defends someone accused of a crime.

32. My eldest son heir to my throne defender of my kingdom.

33. He was accused of a felony; she was the public defender.

34. Colorful Fantasy Abstract Modern Fractal Flower OtterBox Defender iPhone Case

35. Alisander is a Boy name, meaning Defender, protector of mankind

36. United have unearthed a real talent in this young defender.

37. Her lawyer was a public defender appointed by the court.

38. 3 Simon's a defender, but I always play in midfield.

39. He jumped to avoid the flailing leg of the defender.

40. The judge appointed a federal public defender to represent him.

41. De Ligt became the first defender to win the award.

42. Delasi Batse (2) Defender - 2020/21 – Named Second Team All-Conference USA

43. When my MACAFAEE subscription runs out does windows defender Automatedly kick in

44. The goalkeeper was injured so a defender had to go in goal.

45. Defender Firewall - rules Configured in Intune not applying on Win10 I'm trying to configure some Firewall rules in a Microsoft Defender Firewall configuration profile in Intune

46. He is an unyielding defender , with uncanny instincts. Thriving in adversity.

47. How many times have we heard a public defender say that?

48. Julianna Burlet Chosen As All-MIAA Women's Lacrosse First-Team Defender

49. Offensive Foul in the post, offensive player Backdowns and dislodges defender

50. 12 synonyms for Apologist: defender, spokesman, champion, arguer, maintainer, supporter, advocate