guardian in English

a defender, protector, or keeper.
self-appointed guardians of public morality

Use "guardian" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "guardian" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "guardian", or refer to the context using the word "guardian" in the English Dictionary.

1. Guardian.

2. Godspeed, Guardian.

3. Her Guardian

4. Guardian Soulmates encourages Guardian readers to pair off with other Guardian readers, presumably in order to spawn a new generation of Guardian readers.

5. I'm a Guardian novitiate.

6. Northcom, this is Guardian.

7. Got my guardian angel here.

8. The Guardian has betrayed us.

9. Guardian, what is the fel?

10. So the same Guardian rebuts,

11. [Example of a guardian notification]

12. Actually, Guardian letters are divisible.

13. Ever watchful - my guardian angel.

14. Where a guardian ad litem has been appointed the solicitor must take instructions from the guardian.

15. Where's the bloody Guardian?

16. Guardian Angels & Messenger Angels

17. George was Lennie's guardian angel.

18. You do not have to be the child ' s legal guardian to get Guardian ' s Allowance .

19. The Guardian Some of our Blogring's members were written up in The Guardian this morning

20. The advert appeared in "The Guardian".

21. Look, there' s our Guardian Monster

22. She needs a guardian ad litem.

23. A guardian who watches over us.

24. Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

25. a book reviewer for 'The Guardian'

26. Here's a sample guardian email summary:

27. the electronic edition of 'The Guardian'

28. 19 Ever watchful - my guardian angel.

29. Guardian, I've renounced my vow.

30. You've got a guardian angel.

31. After the Roman Empire fell, the Cane Corso worked as a farmhand, flock guardian, property guardian, family guardian and hunting dog (particularly of big and dangerous game like wild boar).

32. So Anna became my legal guardian.

33. His aunt is his legal guardian .

34. Perhaps you have a guardian angel.

35. Michael Jackson 's children given new guardian

36. So, what, you my guardian angel now?

37. Appointing a Legal Guardian for the Elderly

38. 5 So Anna became my legal guardian.

39. He draws strip cartoons for "The Guardian".

40. William Helfrecht for the guardian ad litem.

41. Do we have a guardian angel?

42. Guardian Angel Aniel is a Seraph, in Judaism

43. She is if her legal guardian allows it.

44. She described him as a typical Guardian reader.

45. Robin Barda for the minors' guardian ad litem.

46. Blighters (Thrall) - 60 Tauren Guardian Druid, 221 ilvl

47. Only a parent or a guardian can sign.

48. I fell in love with my guardian angel!

49. Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, divine guidance, spirituality, healing

50. Both the Guardian and Greenslade have also Apologised