guard in English

a person who keeps watch, especially a soldier or other person formally assigned to protect a person or to control access to a place.
a security guard
a device worn or fitted to prevent injury or damage.
a retractable blade guard
synonyms: safety guardsafety deviceprotective device shield screen fender bumper buffer
watch over in order to protect or control.
they were sent to guard villagers from attack by bandits

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1. Body guard synonyms, body guard pronunciation, body guard translation, English dictionary definition of body guard

2. Homeland guard!

3. Prison guard.

4. Aegis Interceptor Bibless Neck Guard; Aegis Interceptor Bibless Neck Guard

5. Aegis Interceptor Bibless Neck Guard; Aegis Interceptor Bibless Neck Guard

6. Cervical traction guard

7. This is often the guard that defends the opponents' shooting guard.

8. Road guard rail

9. " Beijing Security Guard

10. Ship's rails (guard rails)

11. Very good guard dogs.

12. Adjustable guard rail post

13. Gate of the Guard

14. Guard of the Citadel.

15. The guard saluted smartly.

16. The poor guard rail.

17. Guard against impulse buying.

18. Guard mounting, Changing the guard, or the Changing of the guard, is a formal ceremony in which sentries performing ceremonial guard duties at important institutions are relieved by a new batch of sentries

19. Throwing Mankind Off Guard

20. Scaffold guard rail support

21. Guard rails of metal

22. Do not lower guard.

23. Michael Barwell, Yeoman Bedgoer, The Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard

24. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of Team Coast Guard

25. Berkshire Hathaway GUARD Insurance Companies

26. She caught me off guard.

27. You 3, guard the machines.

28. Or “have charge of; guard.”

29. Rafer, you're the rear-guard.

30. He's a guard, damn it!

31. We must guard against accidents.

32. The Bakelite guard is quite a bit thicker and stiffer compared to the plastic guard

33. Here he is a guard.

34. Stalwart policemen stood guard outside.

35. I am a Red Guard.

36. Police and Border Guard Board

37. To be vigilant, to guard.

38. Guard of the Citadel, indeed.

39. For example, Wahl’s hair Clippers 0.5 grade guard is the same as Oster’s #0 blade guard

40. What kind of advance guard and “rear guard” have they had, even during World War II?

41. Metal guard rails, sheet piling

42. Never let your guard down.

43. He caught me off guard.

44. Their best troops guard it.

45. The guard simply didn't notice.

46. It could be a guard.

47. They made me a guard!

48. Regardless, he chokes the guard.

49. She's our vicious guard dog.

50. If the Guard have him...