cow pie in English

a cowpat.
The Colorado River toad is about the diameter of a cow pie and makes a grand appearance only after our summer rains begin.

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2. Cowslip (n.) popular name of several varieties of English wildflower, Old English cu-slyppe, apparently from cu "cow" (from PIE root *gwou-"ox, bull, cow") + slyppe "slop, slobber, dung" (from PIE root *sleubh-"to slide, slip"), which is its common habitat.

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5. We've apple pie, lemon meringue pie and coffee rum pie and so on.

6. Mad cow?

7. Cow- puncher

8. Sarcastic cow.

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10. A Cannulated cow or "fistulated cow" refers to a cow that has been surgically fitted with a cannula

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12. Get the cow!

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15. He's no cow-puncher.

16. A cow is white.

17. A Bellowing cow is often times a sign that the cow is in heat

18. And cow crossed the road, and there was much rejoicing as a holy cow."

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20. Cow (n.) "female of a bovine animal," especially the domestic ox, Middle English cu, qu, kowh, from Old English cu "Cow," from Proto-Germanic *kwon (source also of Old Frisian ku, Middle Dutch coe, Dutch koe, Old High German kuo, German Kuh, Old Norse kyr, Danish, Swedish ko), earlier *kwom, from PIE root *gwou-"ox, bull, Cow."

21. Remember mad cow disease?

22. Stinking, wizened old cow!

23. Bucolic (adj.) "pastoral, relating to country life or the affairs and occupations of a shepherd," 1610s, earlier Bucolical (1520s), from Latin Bucolicus, from Greek boukolikos "pastoral, rustic," from boukolos "cowherd, herdsman," from bous "cow" (from PIE root *gwou-"ox, bull, cow") + -kolos "tending," related to Latin colere "to till (the ground), cultivate, dwell, inhabit" (from PIE root

24. Like cow, like calf.

25. Sweet potato pie.