chuck in English

a playful touch under the chin.
But let's be clear there - a chuck under the chin is quite sufficient to convince me that affection can last the distance.
a device for holding a workpiece in a lathe or a tool in a drill, typically having three or four jaws that move radially in and out.
One of the challenges of crank grinding relates to clamping the workpiece in the chuck so that the crank pin can be cylindrically ground.
throw (something) carelessly or casually.
someone chucked a brick through the window

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1. Chuck Alaimo, American saxophonist, leader of the Chuck Alaimo Quartet; Chuck Barris (1929–2017), American TV producer; Chuck Berry (1926–2017), American rock and roll musician; Chuck Brown (1936–2012), American guitarist and singer; Chuck Close (born …

2. Operation Chuck.

3. The games include Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer, Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0, and Chuck Yeager's Air Combat.

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5. Plastic chuck with highly airtight slider and bag body with the chuck

6. Lever actuated keyless chuck

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8. Chuck it in the bin!

9. Go on, just chuck it!

10. Yeah, you got me, Chuck.

11. Why did Judy chuck him?

12. What's up with you, chuck?

13. Chuck-1.4.x.x is part of the NumChucks release of Chuck - so named because Chuck has been completely refactored to facilitate embedding into other systems, and you can instantiated any number of Chuck VM's in those systems

14. Chuck : White meat or dark, Tina?

15. Chucked, chuck·ing, chucks 1

16. You can't just chuck him out.

17. Electrostatic chuck using ac field excitation

18. Chuck me the newspaper, would you?

19. Upon tightening the tool chuck, the spring may be compressed to provide force against the chuck actuating screw.

20. Chuck Roast Most butchers cut the long, narrow Chuck eye into steaks; the popular Denver steak and the flat-iron steak, both chef favorites, also come from the Chuck primal

21. This Billions Team Chuck Men’s Tri-Blend T-Shirt was made for all the Chuck Rhodes supporters out there

22. Chucked , chuck·ing , chucks 1

23. That's no good-just chuck it.

24. Chuck me that pen, would you?

25. This Billions Team Chuck Men’s Tri-Blend T-Shirt was made for all the Chuck Rhodes supporters out there

26. Why did you chuck away your time?

27. Chucked, Chuck·ing, Chucks 1

28. TV Western Shows - Branded, Chuck Connors

29. Anomurous Chuck of a dissident critic

30. You think Chuck Sloan will bite?

31. I've decided to chuck in my job.

32. Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr

33. Chuck it or I'll tell the teacher.

34. Chuck it over there/into the corner.

35. Largest section of the Shoulder Clod that is cut into the Arm Chuck Roast, Arm Chuck Steak and Ranch Steak

36. Answer: Tetranuclear Antitypy medicophysical chuck-luck heypen

37. Chuck reloaded and fired off both barrels.

38. Bantengs, mother and calf Photo by Chuck Dresner

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40. “Chuck” Budinsky, 67, of Poland, Ohio, announce …

41. Branded Stars Chuck Connors as Jason McCord

42. Chuck from Cincinnati, you're on the air.

43. The man extended his hand: "I'm Chuck".

44. If you aren't lubricating the chuck every day

45. We haven't heard the truth once yet, Chuck.

46. Stereolithography was invented by Chuck Hull in 1986.

47. He was employed to chuck out any troublemakers.

48. It's too good an opportunity to chuck away.

49. Meet the official Clippers mascot, Chuck! Book Chuck for your next event, view photos or learn more about Clipper Nation's mascot!

50. When Chuck unwittingly downloads a database of government