chuckle head in English

a stupid person.
That most people in pop music are complete chuckleheads is beyond doubt; but having a bald head and an interest in physics does not make him an intellectual.

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1. He shook his head with a soft chuckle.

2. 12 synonyms for Chortle: chuckle, laugh, cackle, guffaw, chuckle, laugh, cackle, guffaw, chuckle

3. 19 synonyms for Cackle: laugh, giggle, chuckle, laugh, giggle, chuckle, cachinnate, guffaw, laugh, heehaw

4. How he'll chuckle over this news!

5. Miss Murdstone gave a hoarse chuckle.

6. He gave a little chuckle.

7. As nouns the difference between chuckle and Chortle is that chuckle is a quiet laugh while Chortle is a joyful, somewhat muffled laugh, rather like a snorting chuckle

8. Chortle is a synonym of chuckle

9. Chortle definition, to chuckle gleefully

10. Chortle definition, to chuckle gleefully

11. Chortle definition, to chuckle gleefully

12. Rosie gave a little chuckle.

13. She gave a little chuckle.

14. He gave a short chuckle.

15. He laughed with a rich, throaty chuckle.

16. We had a chuckle about it afterwards.

17. She gave a chuckle of delight.

18. Chortle: A snorting, joyful laugh or chuckle

19. She held me tight and continued to chuckle.

20. He gave a chuckle in response to her question.

21. Laugh, giggle, chuckle The old lady Cackled with glee.

22. "I was only kidding," he said with a low chuckle.

23. As verbs the difference between chuckle and Chortle is that chuckle is to laugh quietly or inwardly while Chortle is to laugh with a Chortle or Chortles.

24. What used to cause a belly laugh now earns a pleasant chuckle.

25. Nor, it must be said, a hoot, chuckle, chortle, crow or cackle.