chucking in English

throw (something) carelessly or casually.
someone chucked a brick through the window
touch (someone) playfully or gently under the chin.
‘You won't go short!’ she says to her son in baby talk, chucking him under the chin.

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1. Janice felt like chucking it all in there and then.

2. Did you see the shameless way she was chucking herself at him?

3. Synonyms for Cooing include murmuring, sounding, uttering, wooing, gurgling, crooning, clucking, cackling, chucking and clacking

4. One is by drudgery and the other is by chucking fossil fuel at it.

5. Synonyms for Clucking include cackling, chucking, clacking, cooing, squawking, making a commotion, crowing, crying, screeching and screaming

6. A segment chucking device (4) is mounted on said expansion mandrel can be moved into an operational position.

7. Chucked; chucking Kids Definition of chuck 1 : to give a pat or tap to He Chucked me under the chin.

8. We have nearly 20 years of experience with producing Collets including our ER Collet ; Collet Chuck We can provide you with various types of chucking tools and solutions,

9. Work cylinders, in particular hydraulic, pneumatic, hydropneumatic, electric and electrohydraulic pressure, tension, rear, chucking, telescopic, dressing, support, control, regulating, adjusting, aligning, steering, strain, brace, automatic, single-piston and double-piston cylinders

10. ASME Accumulators can be supplied to suit a wide range of applications including hydrostatic bearings, lubricating oil supplies, chucking systems on machine tools, safety and emergency braking systems and many more.SpecificationShell: Chromium-molybdenum steel

11. Specializing in stylish grooves with a uniquely organic sense of interplay, Chic 's sound was anchored by the scratchy "chucking"-style rhythm guitar of Nile Rodgers , the indelible, widely imitated, and sometimes outright stolen basslines of Bernard Edwards , and the

12. It summoned to its aid, without effort of Cerebration on the part of its owner, whatever was most needed at the moment.: No doubt it is producing enormous quantities of Cerebration, but is it anything more than chaotic and futile Cerebration?: This was rather like chucking a monkey-wrench into the Cerebration machinery of the Paris experts.: Pink lay in a hazy world of shifting ideas, of