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a large dark-bodied lizard, the male of which has a light yellow tail, native to the deserts of the southwestern US and Mexico. When threatened, it inflates itself with air to wedge itself into a crevice.
This variation makes Sonoran Desert chuckwallas ideal for investigating the relationship between population density and mating system structure.

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1. Chuckwalla, California detailed profile

2. Chuckwalla Cabins Info Description

3. Chuckwalla, California detailed profile

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5. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, Desert Center, CA

6. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, 25300 Rice Rd


8. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Chuckwalla Valley, CA

9. Chuckwalla Mtn shares its name with at least one other peak in California, both being named after the desert lizard, Sauromalus ater, or common Chuckwalla.

10. Yes, a Chuckwalla is a type of reptile known as the lizard

11. Find 55 photos of the 17890 W Chuckwalla Canyon Rd home on Zillow

12. The Chuckwalla is a herbivore and they will consume various types of plants

13. The name “Chuckwalla” came from the Shoshone term “caxwal” or “tcaxxwal”

14. Chuckwalla Bench is a great dissected bajada (coalesced fans of sediment eroded from nearby mountains) flowing almost without slope away from the Chuckwalla Mountains to the southern horizon

15. Chuckwalla inhabits deserts (Mojave and Sonoran deserts), rocky areas, hillsides and lava flows

16. Since it inhabits remote and inhospitable places, Chuckwalla is protected from negative

17. Chuckwalla (Sauromalus obesus) Order: Squamata Family: Iguanidae (iguanid lizards) Spanish name: iguana

18. The Chuckwalla is a large, desert-dwelling lizard in the iguana family, Iguanidae.All of the Chuckwalla species are in the genus Sauromalus, which roughly translates from Greek to mean "flat lizard."The common name "Chuckwalla" comes from the Shoshone word tcaxxwal or Cahuilla word čaxwal, which Spanish explorers transcribed as chacahuala.

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20. Chuckwalla definition, an iguanid lizard, Sauromalis obesus, of arid parts of the southwestern U.S

21. The Chuckwalla is a rock-dwelling animal; rocks provide shelter and basking sites

22. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway (CVR) is a world-class grand Prix track focused on safety and

23. Chuckwalla is a type of large lizard that belongs to the family of iguanas

24. A Chuckwalla is considered an herbivore and eats leaves, flowers, cactus fruit, and buds

25. In 1994 the Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre National

26. Reptile Rapture, 6308 Monona dr, Monona WI 53516 608-221-0094, Chuckwalla Caresheet Common Name: Chuckwalla Scientific Name: Sauromalus ater (formerly Sauromalus obesus), Sauromalus australis, Sauromalus hispidus, Sauromalus klauberi, Sauromalus slevini, Sauromalus varius Origin: SW USA & Northern Mexico Size: 15”- 20” head to tail

27. The Chuckwalla was later cooked and eaten or possibly dried and smoked to preserve the meat for later use

28. Chuckwalla Valley Raceway was built in 2010 and is considered by many to be Southern California's Premier road course

29. The Chuckwalla lizard has a rather round, paunch belly-like body with a dark brown-grey toned color

30. 17890 W Chuckwalla Canyon Rd , Goodyear, AZ 85338-7808 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $369,000

31. Common Chuckwalla populations are protected by national parks and naturally protected due to their remote habitat (rugged terrain and harsh climate)

32. The Common Chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater) is an iconic species of rocky slopes and boulder piles in arid mountains of the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts

33. The Chuckwalla is found in rocky outcrops, lava flows, and rocky hillsides of the Great Basin, Mojave and Sonoran deserts

34. Chuckwalla definition is - a large herbivorous lizard (Sauromalus ater) of the iguana family of desert regions of the southwestern U.S..

35. When disturbed, a Chuckwalla will wedge itself into a tight rock crevice, gulp air, and inflate its body in order to entrench

36. Chuckwalla definition: a lizard , Sauromalus obesus, that has an inflatable body and inhabits desert regions of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

37. The Chuckwalla is a large, bulky lizard reaching nearly 16 inches (40 cm) with folds of loose skin on the sides of its body

38. The piebald Chuckwalla has a gray-to-black face, with same-colored splotches over its entire body, which is tan to yellow

39. The Chuckwalla Bench is a spectacular landscape abundant with w ildlife and rare desert plants, with many opportunities for recreation and wildlife viewing

40. The Chuckwalla Mountains Wilderness now contains a total of 112,326 acres and is managed by the BLM's Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office

41. The Chuckwalla is an herbivore, feeding on wildflowers, fruits and leaves of creosote and, to a lesser extent, on other perennials and annuals

42. Chuckwalla Mountain is part of the subsidiary Piute Range just north of Mojave in an area commonly known as the Tehachapis, considered the southernmost section of the Sierra Nevada

43. There are 5 species of Chuckwalla that can be found in the southwestern parts of the North America and in the northern parts of Mexico

44. Chuckwalla, (genus Sauromalus), any of five species of stocky, slightly flattened lizards belonging to the subfamily Iguaninae (family Iguanidae), found on arid, rocky hills of southwestern North America

45. Trends towards developing desert areas of of the United States and parts of Mexico are affecting common Chuckwalla habitat; however the population status as a whole has been reported as large, and

46. The Chuckwalla is a herbivore, feeding on wildflowers, fruits and leaves of creosote and, to a lesser extent, on other perennials and annuals (Shaw 1939, Stebbins 1954, Berry 1974)

47. Sexing Your Chuckwalla Please feel free to request a male or female lizard (or any combination thereof) when you order our medium and adult sized animals, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the sex

48. The Chuckwalla Mountains, near the San Andreas Fault, rise like an island from a vast sea of sand and rock; within the walls of this "rock fortress" are a variety of landforms, textures, and colors

49. Sauromalus ater, the common Chuckwalla, inhabits deserts in the western United States and Mexico and 30 known islands in the Gulf of Mexico.Specifically, the Mojave and Sonoran deserts are known to have thriving populations of Chuckwallas

50. Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Chuckwalla: College of the Desert (about 72 miles; Palm Desert, CA; Full-time enrollment: 5,686)Imperial Valley College (about 77 miles; Imperial, CA; FT enrollment: 5,313)Arizona Western College (about 92 miles; Yuma, AZ; FT enrollment: 5,454)Mt San Jacinto Community College District …