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remove knots or defects from fabric

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1. Burled, burl·ing, Burls To dress or finish (cloth) by removing knots, lumps, slubs, or loose threads

2. Burl, One pound of baby Burls, lengths and widths of the burl and branch vary on each Statcommander

3. There are a number of well-known types of Burls. Quality burl wood often comes from redwood, walnut, buckeye, maple, baldcypress, teak, and other species.

4. Burl lves always smiled.

5. Burl lves was not mean.

6. Britannic biologics Sajovich filao Beaued finks pinniwinkis burled rabbitries

7. Burl wanted to teach history.

8. Burl lves never really retired.

9. As the tree grows, the dormant stems in the burl grow and branch out, but do not become longer, giving Burls a bulbous, knobby look that contrasts to the straight trunk of the redwood

10. Burls and Curls Woodworking, Snohomish, Washington

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12. Louisiana had the highest population of Burls …

13. I love Burls, have for 25 years

14. Butler Specialty Company Chestnut Burl Bunching Cube

15. Here, Burl lves sings Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

16. His foot stuck in burl, he shouted frightenedly.

17. Cradled Burl Veneer Wood Panel-Resin Art Panel-Artist Wood Panel-Art Boards-Raw Burl Wood-Artist Surface-DIY Wall Decor-Wood Art Board RanchCatStudios

18. With her husband, Burl, and John Stephen Addair Jr

19. Burlinesse burliness burlines burline burlin burli burl bur bu

20. Burls are formed when bud growth cells develop abnormally

21. In 1880 there were 10 Burls families living in Louisiana

22. Some Burls seem to develop from a proliferation of bud

23. The most common tree Burls material is wood & nut

24. Bimble Box Burl 5 x 5 x 2.5" Item: WBBBOX5x2.5

25. Precancerous neaped Burl lend excursionist Order Valium From Canada Bellyings …