Use "alacrity" in a sentence

1. Alacrity Immediately after this television programme the riot spread with alarming Alacrity

2. Alacrity definition: If you do something with Alacrity , you do it quickly and eagerly

3. She obeyed with alacrity.

4. She accepted with alacrity.

5. Young people responded with alacrity.

6. What does Alacrity mean? Information and translations of Alacrity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions …

7. Packages are delivered with alacrity.

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9. Cairncross accepted our offer with alacrity.

10. ‘The Alacrity with which other countries took up the idea is remarkable.’ ‘As the match progressed, the players hit the target with Alacrity.’ ‘So the federal government responded with astonishing Alacrity, great efficiency.’ ‘But then again, he did leave the helicopter with Alacrity

11. Alacrity: cheerful readiness to do something.

12. 2 synonyms for Briskness: alacrity, smartness

13. Alacrity (countable and uncountable, plural alacrities)

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15. She accepted the money with alacrity.

16. He accepted her offer with alacrity.

17. Alacrity (countable and uncountable, plural Alacrities)

18. He accepted my invitation with alacrity.

19. They accepted the offer with alacrity.

20. Those on sentry duty responded with alacrity.

21. For the removed mastery, see Alacrity (mastery)

22. Adjectives for Alacrity include alacrious and alacritous

23. Already, financial markets have responded with alacrity.

24. Definition of Alacrity in the dictionary

25. They fell on the sandwiches with alacrity.

26. As you can imagine, I accepted with alacrity.

27. Captain, a bit more alacrity, if you please.

28. He took with alacrity and never looked back.

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30. What does Alacrities mean? Plural form of alacrity

31. Alacrity was an enchantment in League of Legends

32. Monsters resuscitate with the same alacrity as angels.

33. The definition of Alacrity means joyful willingness or readiness

34. I am a boy of extrovert with bright alacrity.

35. Cheerful willingness and eagerness Examples of Alacrity in a sentence Having studied really hard last night, the student took the exam with Alacrity

36. Remember, they give extra points for alacrity and effulgence.

37. It was an interesting challenge and I responded with alacrity.

38. Alacrity is a notable passive skill that grants additional dexterity.

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40. Confident and powerful, David leads his team with alacrity and intelligence.

41. The Alacrity 18 was originally designed for and built of molded plywood

42. The hunters sallied forth with keen Alacrity, and soon returned laden with provisions

43. It is a pleasant task, and we approach it with great alacrity.

44. Noun cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness: We accepted the invitation with Alacrity.

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46. Definition and synonyms of Alacrity from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

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48. Although John's grandfather was almost eighty years old, he still moved with alacrity.

49. This is the British English definition of Alacrity.View American English definition of Alacrity.

50. It was clear that the white population would accept an agreement with alacrity.

51. Alacrity is a boon mainly applied by mesmers (especially chronomancers) and revenants (especially renegades)

52. Timothy consented with Alacrity, seeming to feel the burden of his semi-attached state.

53. Now, Cleanthes , said Philo , with an air of alacrity and triumph , mark the consequences.

54. Anne herself was well aware of Joan's motive in accepting the suggestion with such alacrity.

55. Mr Rouse: sir, I believe that driving with Alacrity is my god givin right

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57. But he was not for a single instant the dupe of her blundering alacrity.

58. But on the question of private tuition fees they are moving with remarkable alacrity.

59. Alacrity noun eagerness, enthusiasm, willingness, readiness, speed, zeal, gaiety, alertness, hilarity, cheerfulness, quickness, liveliness, briskness, promptness, avidity, joyousness, sprightliness As you can imagine, I accepted with Alacrity. reluctance, apathy, unwillingness, inertia, lethargy, slowness, dullness, sluggishness, unconcern

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61. With Alacrity as your trusted partner you will realise more value from your external counsel

62. Briskness definition: liveliness and eagerness synonyms: spirit, sprightliness, liveliness, life, alacrity, smartness antonyms: dull, happiness, unhappiness

63. Calls for increased resources for security were responded to with alacrity in the fall of 2001.

64. Alacrity comes from the Latin alacritas, and the Italian musical term allegro is a near relation.

65. Then he turned with a flop, his belly following with alacrity, losing his only good angle.

66. President Vladimir Putin's critics seized the moment with alacrity to portray him as a whimsical megalomaniac.

67. 🔊 The boy jumped up and down with Alacrity as he inched closer to the candy store

68. They imitated the coolness and courage of their predecessors, going forward with the utmost alacrity and firmness.

69. 5 synonyms of Alacrity from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 29 related words, definitions, and antonyms

70. So when the invitation to become president of BitC arrived shortly afterwards, Charles accepted with alacrity.

71. With alacrity Surkov reminded us of their hope that we would host a conference in Great Britain.

72. The government, in its infinite wisdom would pursue this with the ardor and alacrity of a hippopotamus.

73. The new Human Rights Council must move with alacrity to re-establish a credible intergovernmental human rights process

74. It is a classic example of the government responding with alacrity to pressure coming from members of parliament

75. He forsook civil life with reluctance, and when the victory was won he returned to it with alacrity.

76. With alacrity, the Assyrian attacked Damascus, captured it, put Rezin to death, and exiled many of the Damascenes.

77. Effect: Alacrity (Must Equip, Casting Time: Instant) at Level 45 WT: 1.0 Size: SMALL Class: SHM Race: ALL

78. Someone quickly and cheerfully accepting an invitation to a wedding is an example of a person acting with Alacrity.

79. These opportunities need to be seized with as much alacrity as the world has responded to Asia’s sorrow.

80. The offer was accepted with alacrity and Harry has been writing these little vignettes for the paper ever since.