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1. 2 synonyms for Broadening: widening, widening

2. Literacy and numeracy , including widening vocabulary .

3. Turning and turning in the widening gyre.

4. • A widening fiscal deficit, however, presents growing macro challenges.

5. However, losses in the parent group, Sea are also widening.

6. • widening of poverty gap or access to affordable food

7. Bronchiectasis is an abnormal widening of one or more airways

8. Algebraic statistics is a new field whose scope is still widening.

9. Bradykinin is a protein that lowers blood pressure by widening blood vessels

10. Long-mothballed projects like widening the Suez Canal are being dusted off.

11. Widening access and participation is a key overall objective for the Assembly.

12. Pasty insert material for widening the gingival sulcus and use thereof

13. Sandy stared at me, his eyes widening behind his rimless glasses.

14. The critical space for India to play an increasingly pro-active role is widening.

15. 19 The foregoing underscores the ever-widening gulf that separates Jehovah’s people from Satan’s world.

16. Vietnam’s growth was accompanied by low inflation and widening current account surplus.

17. Through their work, the fruits of biblical scholarship were disseminated to an ever-widening audience.

18. We might imagine the young woman’s eyes widening as her mother-in-law spoke.

19. They must also reimburse the company for any widening and road improvement carried out.

20. Caught in the torch beam were a pair of eyes, glittering ebony pupils widening in shock.

21. Ace switched on the spacewalk jets and launched herself through the widening yawn of the doors.

22. By the end of World War I, however, she faced a widening split with her radical allies.

23. Novel pasty masses used as insert material for widening the gingival sulcus are described.

24. Thus, he uses his own suffering as a doorway to widening his circle of compassion.

25. But such displays of defiance belie a widening sense of despair among Mr Ahmadinejad's opponents.