widowed in English


['wid·owed || 'wɪdəʊd]

made a widow by the death of a husband

Use "widowed" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "widowed" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "widowed", or refer to the context using the word "widowed" in the English Dictionary.

1. The only daughter of a widowed father.

2. He was widowed at the age of

3. Carla was widowed very young.

4. She may have been married, widowed or divorced.

5. Imogen stayed with her widowed sister.

6. Widowed in 19 Mrs Hayes never remarried.

7. The war widowed many women in the former yugoslavia.

8. She was widowed when she was

9. His widowed mother brought him up.

10. She was widowed at the age of

11. Many people were widowed by the war.

12. She was widowed at an early age.

13. She was recently widowed and wearing mourning.

14. I'd been widowed a year when we met.

15. There are three other categories: widowed, separated and divorced.

16. They are married, divorced, separated, widowed, and never married.

17. The war widowed many women in the former Yugoslavia.

18. More and more young men are widowed by cancer.

19. His daughter-in-law, widowed that very day, died in childbirth.

20. His second wife, Hilary, had been widowed, then exiled from South Africa.

21. Judah was wrong in his dealings with his widowed daughter-in-law, Tamar.

22. Please state whether you are single, cohabiting, married, separated, divorced or widowed.

23. If a woman without sons is widowed, she is the ultimate casualty.

24. Tony's mother was widowed at the age of 23 with three children.

25. These were women who had not married, were divorced, or were widowed.

26. Firstly, a widowed grandmother may be remembered as moving into the family home.

27. He wasted little time in finding a replacement, choosing the widowed Mary of Guise.

28. I was the oldest of three small children our widowed mother struggled to raise.

29. Widowed four years ago, she lives off two pensions left by her late husband.

30. When I was a little boy, my widowed mother gave me the most severe discipline possible.

31. Widowed Amrit and Kamala are ill-treated by their respective children and find solace in each other's company

32. a widower who immediately before pensionable age is not entitled to widowed parent's allowance; or

33. — a widower who immediately before pensionable age is not entitled to widowed parent’s allowance, or

34. For those widowed or bereaved in other ways, victory must have had a hollow sound.

35. Interspersed with Angela's Bemoanings are flashbacks to Arminda in her youth, keeping house for her widowed father

36. Not a happy marriage,[Sentencedict.com] and not one that could take on the extra burden of a weeping widowed friend.

37. Jenny Cooper, a recently widowed, new Coroner who investigates suspicious, unnatural or sudden deaths in Toronto

38. John G. is a shy, virginal youth who still shares a room with his widowed father.

39. Single, married, divorced or separated, or widowed, about 69 percent think women want to be married.

40. Moreover, should she in her widowed state even consider a lover? Society would not tolerate it.

41. Others are widowed or divorced, and hate being the odd one out among friends who are all couples.

42. The widowed and alone could not provide for themselves, and they were given three sok of grain.

43. Blowtorch is the Brooklyn story of Ann Willis, a recently widowed and financially struggling, mother of three

44. For Kim and her widowed father Bob, the sudden intrusion into their specially close lives was shattering.

45. Ashkenazim are more permissive toward the usage of wigs as a hair covering for married and widowed women

46. The daughter of a Baptist minister and one of nine children, Brooks was raised by a widowed seamstress.

47. 25 years later A widowed Shivanya doesn't want Shivangi to become an Icchadhari Naagin to protect the Naagmani.

48. As to age, she's forty-four, and she's been married and widowed and has brought up three bains.

49. Some of them were single or widowed, but others, like Gary and Jennifer Tucker, were sealed as a family.

50. Following this change of events, the hotel was sold to the widowed Françoise de Mailly, wife of the dead marquis de La Vrillière.