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family name; Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005), Austrian Nazi hunter (born in Lvov, Ukraine) who was a Holocaust survivor and devoted himself to track down Nazi war criminals (he tracked down more than 1,100, most famously Adolf Eichmann)

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1. But the Wiesenthal Centre said it had authenticated the letter.

2. With an interest in art and drawing, Wiesenthal chose to study architecture.

3. One version has Wiesenthal opening an architectural office and finally being admitted to the Lwów Polytechnic for an advanced degree.

4. Blade was founded in 2014 by Rob Wiesenthal, the former Warner Music and Sony exec, catering to wealthy Manhattanites seeking a quicker way …

5. Top of the Simon Wiesenthal Center list is now Ivan Demjanjuk who is fighting to rescind a deportation order from the United States to Germany.

6. Watchdog: Norwegian broadcaster should be Censured for anchor’s ‘anti-Semitism’ Simon Wiesenthal Center makes demand after radio host wishes the vaccine ‘did not work in Israel’ and says