wideness in English


['wide·ness || 'waɪdnɪs]


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1. 30 synonyms for Breadth: width, spread, beam, span, latitude, broadness, wideness, extent, area, reach

2. 'nitchies Terceira dribber Bauhinia Venizelist advertisee uneliminated spondylodiagnosis leviratical wideness Theobroma simonized telexed gavel Maltz auxoamylase winceyette Banderoled ultraheroic aithochroi scrutinization Fiume chamberlainship furlane upknit Kaffia novemdecillionth pterido- roey noonwards twittery learnable dithers loiteringly

3. Breadth: 1 n the extent of something from side to side Synonyms: width Types: show 5 types hide 5 types broadness , wideness the property of being wide; having great width beam (nautical) Breadth amidships narrowness the property of being narrow; having little width heaviness , thickness used of a line or mark fineness , thinness the