widen|widened|widening|widens in English


[wid·en || 'waɪdn]

expand, extend; become wide, broade

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1. It would widen the chink in her armour - and she didn't want it widened.

2. 2 synonyms for Broadening: widening, widening

3. World Markets Plunge as Japan Disaster Widens

4. Her outlook gradually widens.

5. Here the stream widens into a river.

6. Widen one's field of vision.

7. Her eyes widened in horror.

8. Her eyes widened in surprise.

9. The search for my brother widened.

10. Her eyes widened in pretended astonishment.

11. At this point the river widens into an estuary.

12. And that gap continues to widen.

13. The surgeon will widen her arteries.

14. They want to widen the market.

15. The gap has widened since I left.

16. I'm helping Jean widen her access road.

17. The roadway Certainly could be widened

18. [ + for] Meg's eyes widened in Admiration

19. Literacy and numeracy , including widening vocabulary .

20. Turning and turning in the widening gyre.

21. The cracks wouldn't widen before it falls.

22. Her eyes widened with the squeal of brakes.

23. • A widening fiscal deficit, however, presents growing macro challenges.

24. From Horton, the valley widens, becoming broader and more expansive.Sentence dictionary

25. When are they going to widen the road?