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(1860-1929) famous United States architect who together with his partner John Merven Carrere founded a prominent architectural firm

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1. Bunde was born in Hastings Nebraska

2. Bustles and Bows, Hastings, East Sussex

3. Right now, Rhoda Birchen lives in Hastings, MN

4. Boxi is in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York

5. In the past, Thomas has also been known as Thomas M Beadles, Thomas A Bradles, Thomas A Beadles, Thomas A Beadler and Thomas A Beables.

6. Thomas E Bowk Thomas C Bonk Thomas Edward Bonk Thomas C Bonk Junior Thomas R Bonk Tom R Bonk Thos R Bonk Thomas E Bonk Thomas Russell Bonk Thos E Bonk Thomas Edward Strahan Thomas L Strahan Thos Strahan

7. But Andre Hastings dropped a pass on first down.

8. The Hastings Center is the world’s premier Bioethics research institute

9. Give me two first - class return ticket to hastings, please.

10. Memoir of the Late Lady Flora Hastings with the statement of the Marquis of Hastings, entire correspondence and a Portrait of her Ladyship (1839).

11. Chaulmoogra oil, Hastings, was once the only treatment for leprosy.

12. Canada Columbus statue at Hastings Park given refuge from anti-Colonialists

13. Other names that Thomas uses includes Thomas Michael Belgan and Thomas M Belgan.

14. Mr Hastings gleefully retailed the story to Mr Anderson over lunch.

15. Mrs Hastings' eyes grow warmer and more Appreciative with my every word

16. Born in Hastings, MN to the late Phillip and Theresa Birchen, Mrs

17. They had one child: Michael Abney-Hastings, 14th Earl of Loudoun (1942–2012).

18. Home/Vegas News/Canada/ Columbus statue at Hastings Park given refuge from anti-Colonialists

19. You know that you were my first crush when we were at Hastings?

20. Perrin Bouviers is a responsible breeder of Bouvier des Flanders located in Hastings Michigan

21. 10 That anecdote, told in Beatrice Hastings' New Age column, seems true to life.

22. Warren Hastings has not left substance enough in India to nourish such another delinquent.

23. Scott Hastings has called time on his international career by cutting short his contract.

24. Ki molt bien Cantoit" who was slain in the battle of Hastings, in 1066

25. Breechblock Renewables plans to build a renewable diesel production facility at the Hastings site