rowboat in English

a small boat propelled by oars.
Best of all, anglers of every stripe should still be able to rent the tile-red, flat-bottom, 14-foot rowboats at Fletcher's Boat House, as they have for nearly 150 years.

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Below are sample sentences containing the word "rowboat" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rowboat", or refer to the context using the word "rowboat" in the English Dictionary.

1. 11 Can we rent a rowboat?

2. 24 And when he took hold of the oars of a rowboat, the rowboat nearly jumped out of the water.

3. 8 The rough waves capsized the rowboat.

4. 4 That was when I stole the rowboat.

5. 12 There is an undecked rowboat on the lake.

6. 6 They beguiled the hours away on a rowboat.

7. 5 Gordy led Ivan into the bow of the rowboat.

8. 3 He uses a rowboat to go fishing on the lake.

9. I would troll for fish from the rowboat.

10. They beguiled the hours away on a rowboat.

11. 18 The brat cast the rowboat loose again! Let's get it.

12. 15 It was a long hard pull by rowboat.

13. 14 It is the ocean rowboat on the leaf.

14. 2 Dad pushed off and jumped into the rowboat.

15. 13 We must plug the hole in the rowboat.

16. 1 I would troll for fish from the rowboat.

17. 21 Go on a picnic, rent a rowboat , take up in? line skating.

18. 30 My father would take his outboard motor along and rent a rowboat.

19. The brat cast the rowboat loose again! Let's get it.

20. 10 Probably the oldest one is rowing in a rowboat.

21. 9 The storm cast the little rowboat on the rocks.

22. 26 We'd just started talking about all that when the rowboat tipped over.

23. 17 Then I got into my rowboat for the last time.

24. Aperture is a Discord Bot cloned from the bot known as Rowboat, made by the Discord Staff Member b1nzy. "Rowboat is a multi-purpose moderation and utility bot for Discord

25. Both men were kept busy bailing out the rowboat after it began to leak.

26. 23 Even they do not have own of their rowboat, be sponsored by China.

27. It was quite a challenge to get off the steamer’s ladder into the waiting rowboat.

28. 20 We would keep a rowboat downstairs so we could get from room to room.

29. 19 Both men were kept busy bailing out the rowboat after it began to leak.

30. 7 Walter G.. Campbell decided to take a borrowed rowboat through the Whirlpool Rapids and into the vortex itself.

31. An Angler might fish off the end of a dock, or from a rowboat in the middle of a lake.

32. Adrift definition, floating without control; drifting; not anchored or moored: The survivors were Adrift in the rowboat for three days

33. He then crossed the Charles River by rowboat, slipping past the British warship HMS Somerset at anchor.

34. 29 Tower of London ( 1597 ) Catholic dissenter John a rope stretched from the Tower a getaway rowboat.

35. 25 Contrary to what she expected they poled upriver, far away from the rowboat Amy had found.

36. 22 Summer is sailor in a rowboat and ice - cream on your dress when you're four years old.

37. 16 The rowboat race won't begin until tomorrow,[] but the players have already itching to start today.

38. 28 The Man Angel was lighter-than-air and had paddles like a rowboat that the aviator could pump.

39. Boat-Billed Herons, commonly known as “Boatbills,” are named for their oddly shaped bill that resembles an overturned rowboat

40. 8 new kinds of Airdrops: minicopter, scrapheli, modular car, rowboat, RHIB, locked crate, solosub and duosub! Every kind comes with its own supply signal

41. 27 A toothless old man came ambling up to them, pointing, with a rather wicked grin, at an old rowboat bobbing in the iron-gray water below them.

42. (Romans 7:15-25; 1 Corinthians 9:27) It is as though we were in a small rowboat on a swiftly flowing river and were being pulled toward its falls.

43. Beneath (160) IMDb 3.7 1 h 29 min 2013 18+ Six high school seniors celebrating in the middle of a lake find themselves trapped on a rowboat due to a man-eating fish.