rowed in English

propel (a boat) with oars.
out in the bay a small figure was rowing a rubber dinghy
have a quarrel.
they rowed about who would receive the money from the sale

Use "rowed" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "rowed" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rowed", or refer to the context using the word "rowed" in the English Dictionary.

1. Tony rowed your boat ashore Hallelujah.

2. Mary rowed your boat ashore Hallelujah.

3. They rowed in the same boat.

4. Susan rowed your boat ashore Hallelujah.

5. Michael rowed your boat ashore Hallelujah.

6. She rowed ashore in the dinghy.

7. He had earlier rowed with his girlfriend.

8. The fisherman rowed us back to the shore.

9. He rowed as quickly as he could to the shore.

10. Current squeeze ashley rowed all four years at colgate

11. Got in a boat and rowed past the Bay of Seals.

12. We rowed out towards the middle of the lake.

13. She waved her hand to them Apathetically and rowed slowly on

14. Have it rowed to Wapping Wall by a skeleton crew.

15. He rowed her ashore and then continued trolling around the lake.

16. We took one oar each and rowed quickly to the shore.

17. Sae weel rowed Aneath yer apron?" It is my mantle and my shirt, I hae nae will tae daidle it, I hae nae will tae daidle it, So I rowed it Aneath my apron

18. They were rowed out and slumped over their oars at the finish line.

19. 6 One night a young ferryman scoffed at their fears and rowed across.

20. Eddie also presented Margarett with an oar pin: he rowed seven on the Harvard varsity crew.

21. Synonyms for Bickered include argued, disputed, fought, quarrelled, quarreled, rowed, squabbled, wrangled, scrapped and disagreed

22. Synonyms for Argufied include quarrelled, quarreled, argued, squabbled, bickered, wrangled, rowed, disputed, fought and foughten

23. Each morning he rowed his skiff out into the Gulf Stream where the big fish was.

24. The weather cleared too, and they were rowed diagonally south-west across the Sound of Sleat.

25. Having made Winter Marsh from the Crouch I anchored off a shallow bay and rowed ashore in the dinghy.

26. Mr Barnet rowed the boat and he let Edward and me have a turn with one oar.

27. He liked to be rowed out to the middle of the lake at midnight to listen to nocturnal alphorn playing.

28. Some two years after meeting Jesus, Peter rowed through that windy night on the Sea of Galilee mentioned at the outset.

29. A Bireme is a rowed vessel with two banks of oars for rowers arranged in upper and lower decks and armed with a bow ram

30. As I was walking doon the street, Siller slippers on my feet, It's a' my freens I'd the ill will tae meet Wi my braw lad rowed Aneath my apron

31. It would likely have been used as the main accessway from the beach to the island's surface, and for transporting ore to boats to be rowed out to the fleet.

32. He became a devoted family man, taking his wife and eight children (his youngest daughter was born posthumously) to live in the countryside at Cliveden, where he fished, shot and rowed.

33. He should travel not in a rowing boat, with his back to where he goes, rowed by others and someone else at the rudder, but alone in a canoe: facing the future, paddling and steering by himself.

34. Blasphemi lurched forward, shaking the tires for just a fraction of a second, but then taking off like a rocket towards the end of the strip belching fire on every shift as Mike rowed through the gears