row in English

a number of people or things in a more or less straight line.
her villa stood in a row of similar ones
a period of rowing.
The two friends had gone for a light row and were turning the double scull boat opposite the boat slip at the Rowing Club when Kieran became suddenly ill.
propel (a boat) with oars.
out in the bay a small figure was rowing a rubber dinghy

Use "row" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "row" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "row", or refer to the context using the word "row" in the English Dictionary.

1. Row upon row of eggs confront me.

2. RHINESTONE Chokers - Wholesale Our stretch rhinestone Chokers are available in 2-row, 3-row, 4-row, and 5-row styles

3. The row decoder decodes the selected row address to access a selected row.

4. Row to row differences in roving hank.

5. Row upon row of women surged forwards.

6. Address(row, column, [absolute_relative_mode], [use_a1_notation], [sheet]) row - The row number of the cell reference

7. RBAR, is an acronym for ‘Row By Agonising Row

8. Two Row Ripper Bedder - $750 (spring hope) Two row ripper Bedder

9. And I can add or subtract one row from another row.

10. Row #, Apricots- Prunus armeniaca L., row #, Bitter almond- Prunus dulcis (Mill

11. Row upon row of bricks were turned out of rectangular molds.

12. Second row The second row consists of two locks or lock forwards.

13. It was lined with baize, on which reposed row upon row of miniatures.

14. Twice in a row.

15. Row 28, Apricots — Prunus armeniaca L., row 29, Bitter almond — Prunus dulcis (Mill.)

16. Double row abrasive disc

17. It's like Skid Row.

18. Right there, second row.

19. A row decoder circuit (310) addresses a pixel row within the array of pixels.

20. Deleting the row or removing the contents from the row will have no effect.

21. Row after row of modest little brick houses are interspersed with delis and corner restaurants.

22. When a row of data contains fewer users than the threshold, that row is withheld.

23. CapstanAG's N-Ject NH3 system provides row-to-row uniformity while allowing for variable rate application.

24. 17 Mrs Bay hurried about the living room, lighting row after row of votive candles.

25. Along the Li River, row upon row of jutting limestone pinnacles impress visitors with their beauty.

26. Ablet Knitting Abacus Row Counting Bracelet (Blue & Teal) Hey Knitters: Row counting made easy and beautiful! Wear this row counter and never lose count again

27. Just row the damn boat.

28. Four B's in a row.

29. Multiple-row radial antifriction bearing

30. ( Englehorn ) Row, God damn it!

31. You row and I'll steer.

32. Its an emergency exit row.

33. 22 I arrive late at an auditorium filled with row upon row of molded-plastic lecture-chairs.

34. In the header row, click Assign

35. 1 You row and I'll steer.

36. Let's sit in the back row.

37. The row went on and on.

38. Is Swindon sliding towards Skid Row?

39. A long row is very tiring.

40. He ended up on skid row.

41. I took Daniel for a row.

42. A Balustrade is a row of repeating balusters, similar to a colonnade being a row of columns

43. The row decoder (130) is placed on one side of the pixel array to designate a row address.

44. Here one finds row upon row of homes built of mud, wood, metal scraps, or corrugated iron sheets.

45. Ad Exchange adds one row for all the “(Unmatched ad requests)”, and this row has “Coverage” of 0%.

46. I entered a hall crammed with low stretcher beds, placed row upon row on an antiseptic, scrubbed floor.

47. To sort/Alphabetize a single row

48. We don't work on death row.

49. Front - row pilot light comfortable warm.

50. The students stood in a row.