retrofitted in English

add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured.
drivers who retrofit catalysts to older cars

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1. Going to be retrofitted with your drilling arm.

2. ◦ Electric Generation and Retrofitted capacity Summary Tables (aggregated results)

3. Voice recorders were retrofitted into planes already in service.

4. Akita uses military-grade security protection retrofitted for the home

5. A number of aircraft were also retrofitted with spoilers for improved high-speed control.

6. Some I-5 Cabooses were retrofitted with diamond plating on the end platform

7. So these outfall pipes have been retrofitted to shut seawater off from entering the system.

8. In addition, it includes an improved avionics suite, retrofitted electronic warfare capabilities, and new weapons systems.

9. Asteris Keystone software is NOT retrofitted from systems used in human medicine or other medical fields

10. Splendour Introducing the retrofitted Communions on Tambourhinoceros is the schizophrenic single “Splendour”, a song about “a sickly, unattainable love

11. All stations have low platforms, but all except Valley Road have been retrofitted with wheelchair lifts or wooden ramps for handicapped accessibility.

12. The sports club's stationary cycles were recently retrofitted with so-called "Green Revolution" technology, which turns every bike into an electrical generator.

13. The Atomising Odour Neutraliser can be easily retrofitted next to duct work with minimal additional strain to existing fans, for effective

14. A 200MW tangentially coal-fired boiler was retrofitted with a micronized coal reburning system and the performance tests were conducted subsequently.

15. An aeration basin in a conventional activated sludge step was retrofitted to a sequencing batch reactor with a maximum volume of approximately 27 m3.

16. This tension between past, present, and future is represented in the "retrofitted" future depicted in the film, one which is high-tech and gleaming in places but decayed and outdated elsewhere.

17. The Centralized approach is often best for fixed sized systems which are well constrained in size and shape and are not likely to be altered, modified, or retrofitted

18. And over the past 35 years, we have retrofitted more than 70 Condenser tube bundles and set a record of 19 days for a 900-MW NPP retrofit thanks to our service expertise.

19. Multi Spindle Screw Machines, Replacement Parts, Attachments JEM Automatics & Tooling has been providing the multispindle manufacturing industry with reconditioned, remanufactured, retooled, and completely retrofitted multiple-spindle automatic lathes (screw machines) for over 45 years.

20. It's important to note that Novara Afterburner trailer bikes that are currently for sale have been retrofitted with the tested and approved replacement part — a new quick-release lever which is easily identified by its silver color (the old lever was

21. As Space Shuttle Columbia was the oldest and heaviest of the fleet, it was not suited for efficient operations at Mir's (and later the ISS's) 51.6-degree inclination – Columbia was therefore not retrofitted with the necessary external airlock and Orbital Docking System, and never flew to a space station.