historian in English

an expert in or student of history, especially that of a particular period, geographical region, or social phenomenon.
a military historian

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1. – Eminent Byzantinist and historian Dr

2. Astrain, ANTONIO Spanish Jesuit historian; b

3. (Antiphonon) Socrates, the church historian (Hist

4. (Antiphonon) Socrates, the church historian (Hist

5. I am no historian, ladies and gentlemen.

6. She is a historian of great distinction.

7. Historian Michael Beschloss debunks a few myths.

8. The historian brushed crumbs from the tablecloth.

9. Annalist, in general, an ancient Roman historian

10. One historian calls Satin's writing "post-hip".

11. No serious historian today accepts this theory.

12. A good historian must have an academic mind.

13. The visiting historian was disposed to be argumentative.

14. She was an art historian named Linda Nochlin.

15. Abel Paz (1921–2009), anarchist, historian and activist.

16. 3 He was a french historian and pedagogue.

17. 2 He was a French pedagogue and historian.

18. However, historian Paul Stoker thinks this isn't true.

19. According to Newsweek magazine, the historian concluded: “Hell disappeared.

20. Historian Donald Bogle described the Coon character with brutal

21. In this history of the Blackfeet, historian John C

22. 18 Greek historian. Considered the greatest historian of antiquity, he wrote a critical history oft he Peloponnesian War that contains the funeral oration of Pericles.

23. The distinguished historian Conor Cruise O ' Brien thinks not .

24. Further proof comes from fourth-century church historian Eusebius.

25. In the sixth contribution historian James Kennedy assesses Dutch Atlanticism.

26. This information is of the highest utility to a historian.

27. I am a retired Museum Director, an archaeologist and historian.

28. The historian Ammianus Marcellinus described it as a Barbarica conspiratio.

29. Arrian was a historian, public servant, military commander, and philosopher

30. Historian Kozhikode tea-tree unrecreated footways diploids Atrophiated karyoplasma songbirds

31. With reference to World War I, for example, historian J.

32. The river was first mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus.

33. General Email Address: Bicentennial@waynehistorians.org Committee Co-Chairs Gene Bavis, Walworth Town Historian [email protected] 315-573-2768 Rosa Fox, Huron Town Historian [email protected] […]

34. Historian Lucio Villari called the pope’s statement a “decisive admission.”

35. His views are echoed by Oxford modern historian Mark Almond.

36. Both men knew the claim was false, the historian contends.

37. The oldest tradition goes back to the contemporary historian John Foxe.

38. Annalist: 1 n a historian who writes annals Type of: historian , historiographer a person who is an authority on history and who studies it and writes about it

39. Edward Baring is an intellectual historian specializing in twentieth-century Europe

40. Brasher Town Clerk 11 Factory Street Brasher Falls, New York 13613 Phone: 315-389-4223 Town Historian [edit edit source] Brasher Town Historian 234 Dullea Road P.O

41. The Backler family provides rich fodder for the family historian throughout…

42. It is well documented, written up by more than one historian.

43. An art historian and collector, he was also a practising architect.

44. She is a writer as well as a distinguished modern historian.

45. Josephus was a Jewish historian who lived circa 37-100 AD.

46. 🔊 The historian was in charge of the Annals at the library

47. Therefore, the Greek historian Polybius of Megalopolis likened the Consuls to kings.

48. 15 Finally, consider the testimony of first-century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

49. The book is an invaluable source of reference for the art historian.

50. 7 synonyms for Chronicler: recorder, reporter, historian, narrator, scribe, diarist, annalist