range in English

the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale.
the cost is thought to be in the range of $1-5 million a day
a set of different things of the same general type.
the area offers a wide range of activities for the tourist
vary or extend between specified limits.
patients whose ages ranged from 13 to 25 years

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1. 1988 Introduced range of AV amplifiers to product range.

2. Its current range is drastically reduced from its historic range.

3. Click the date range display to select a date range.

4. A wide range and great deals on our range of Cookers

5. [Projectile] AirburstSpread= (float - cell range) The range the Airburst effect covers.

6. The jets mission can be short range to extended long range.

7. Short range ballistic.

8. altitude range: # metres

9. Short range radios

10. GHz range radio spectrum band shall mean the frequency range between # and # gigahertz

11. altitude or altitudinal range

12. Not at that range.

13. altitude or altitudinal range;

14. A wide range of Boilersuits and coveralls for a wide range of workwear purposes

15. *Amphipods range in size from 5-10mm, where as copepods range from 1-3mm

16. It is rare north of its breeding range, and declining in its European range.

17. The manager has a short-range view; the leader has a long-range perspective.

18. Programmable input range adc

19. Method Return type Brief description; copyTo(range) Banding: Copies this Banding to another range

20. Habitat/Range: Anoles range throughout the coastal plain and southern piedmont of North Carolina

21. Boost::Adaptors::filter() does not change the range a, it returns a new range.

22. TYTRO® products cover the full range of Admixtures, including high-range water reducers

23. This range corresponds to a haploid genome size range of 370–700 megabase pairs.

24. This forms range adaptively reduced code lengths CL for a range reduced PCM (RRPCM).

25. And this range of acceptable behaviors -- when we stay within our range, we're rewarded.

26. Approach Z80 laser range finder with GPS is the most accurate laser range finder available

27. Mid-range: Mid-priced organic Coffees range from $0.69 an ounce to $0.94 an ounce

28. Insects also have a wide range of hearing, some in the ultrasonic range over two octaves above the human ear and others in the infrasonic range.

29. Connection Boeotia (unspecified date range) Hosios Loukas connection Boeotia (unspecified date range) Haliartos part of (regional) Boeotia (unspecified date range) Thebai/Thebae connection Boeotia (unspecified

30. Input_range - The range to Constrain

31. His vocal range is amazing.

32. COBS transforms an arbitrary string of bytes in the range into bytes in the range .

33. To adjust the date range: Click the date range in the upper right of the page.

34. O2 sats are within range.

35. AccuBond® Long Range Bullets

36. Fire all long-range ordinance.

37. What about your Range Rover?

38. You'd miss at that range.

39. Widest Color Range in Bracteantha

40. VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR)

41. the range of altitudes (#-# m

42. Short range scan, Mr. Chekov.

43. They amplify the spectral range.

44. Naphtha (petroleum), full-range alkylate;

45. The M4 carbine long-range.

46. Once in range, open fire.

47. Tanagra connection Boeotia (unspecified date range) Orchomenos/Orchomenus connection Boeotia (unspecified date range) Zeus Hypatos, T

48. Capital produce a wide range of Atomising nozzles in a range of zirconia and zircon materials

49. Frequency), Aliasing is a false translation of power falling in some frequency range outside the range

50. The range referred to in this agreement is the range in the company's ordinary price list.'