field in English

carried out or working in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.
field observations
an area of open land, especially one planted with crops or pasture, typically bounded by hedges or fences.
a wheat field
play as a fielder.
First, he took his eyes off the ball while fielding at short leg, and failed to notice that Sarwan had lobbed an attempted pull over his right shoulder.

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1. 607 Armored Field Artillery Battalion: 623 Field Artillery Regiment: 631 Field Artillery Brigade: 636 Field Artillery Battalion: 637 Field Artillery Battalion: 674 Airborne Field Artillery Battalion: 675 Airborne Field Artillery Battalion: 907 Airborne Field Artillery Battalion:

2. Boardless Field - Our main field is a 50x 80-yard "Boardless" field

3. 8 words related to Allometry: discipline, field of study, subject area, subject field, bailiwick, subject, field, study

4. Magnetic field, auroras, magnetic declination and magnetic field reversals.

5. Drag to add textbox with field label and field. Field automatically reflects foreground drawing's page number.

6. Each month FIELD NOTES highlights the Archaeological field work from the Illinois State Archaeological Survey’s field stations.

7. An Advanced Filter takes up to two fields, Field A and Field B, to construct the Output Field.

8. [alphanumeric field]

9. See the Analytics.js Field Reference for specific field length limits.

10. Longitudinal field driven field asymmetric ion mobility filter and detection system

11. An Marine Corps Field Artillery Cannoneer (MOS 0811) is a member of the Field Artillery Howitzer Battery (Field 08)

12. To Field Address

13. CC Field Address

14. The system further has a DC magnetic field generator (14) for erasing an AC field previously generated by the AC magnetic field generator (is), the AC magnetic field generator being positioned between the DC magnetic field generator and the magnetic field sensing unit (16).

15. From Field Address

16. Damping field established.

17. Ambiguous field name

18. The field guide?

19. A Flourishing Field

20. Bipolar Disorder: #N# <h2>What Is Bipolar Disorder?</h2>#N# <div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden">#N# <div class="field

21. All Ion disruption field generators are destroyed. The force field is down.

22. Old English Croft "enclosed field, small field," of unknown etymology

23. The Detail code field is adjacent to the "Basis of Estimate" field.

24. The "Detail" code field is adjacent to the "Basis of Estimate" field.

25. (12) An entry must be made in either Field 1 or Field 2.

26. Addice PARK (Meadowbrook Ave.) -2 SOFTBALL FIELDS -1 SOCCER FIELD -WALKING TRAIL (connects with Wanaque School Trail) WANAQUE SCHOOL (First St.) -1 SOFTBALL FIELD -FIELD HOCKEY/LACROSSE FIELD -PLAYGROUND- Walking Trail (connects with Addice Park Trail) MEMORIAL FIELD (War Veteran Pl.) -2 BASEBALL FIELDS -1 FOOTBALL FIELD -PLAYGROUND.

27. Field of geometric visibility

28. Electric field (volts/metre)

29. The data structures further include the profile field and the access control field.

30. 15 For ferromagnetic material, the demagnetizing field is almost opposite to the magnetizing field.

31. Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis) …

32. To Field Last Name

33. The time distortion field.

34. Claims Adjuster - Field Property

35. Meetings for Field Service

36. The total Backscattered field can also be written as the field scattered by the open-circuited antenna plus the re-radiated field [12]

37. Your father's field guide.

38. To hide the details for all items in a field, click Collapse Entire Field.

39. Activities of field presences

40. Other Israeli field activities

41. Set up field hospital!

42. Kicked four field goals.

43. • Chg: 'White Field Background' option replaced Bynamed to 'Light Field Background' for Compose window.

44. • an illegal special character is in a field defined as an alphanumeric field only;

45. The field source is configured to provide a biasing magnetic field to the surface.

46. In 1951, the company discovered the Safaniya Oil Field, the world's largest offshore field.

47. Field emission device with internal structure for aligning phosphor pixels with corresponding field emitters

48. Field device, communication chip, and method for a web access to a field device

49. Perturbations of the force field will cause changes, or variations, of the displacement field.

50. • When Field 380 is greater than $2,000 an entry is also required in Field 375.