raincoat|raincoats in English


waterproof jacket worn in rainy weathe

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1. Who else's raincoat can this be?

2. I like this purple raincoat.

3. Umbrella and raincoats are what people need in rainy days.

4. She belted her raincoat over her pyjamas.

5. Her knees trembled underneath her raincoat.

6. He dipped in his raincoat pocket.

7. His old raincoat became a running joke .

8. She wore her wine-coloured gaberdine raincoat.

9. My raincoat was caught up on the hook.

10. My face and raincoat were soaking wet.

11. He had no raincoat on when the rain started.

12. Ken was in his usual attire of raincoat over flannel trousers.

13. Clear plastic is typically only found in over-garments, such as raincoats.

14. The dark clouds remembered me to take my raincoat along.

15. You must put on a raincoat;it's pelting down now.

16. She pulled off her raincoat before entering the room.

17. I tried holding my breath as I followed two unisex raincoats through the door.

18. Wearing a raincoat, even on a hot day, is one of her idiosyncrasies.

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20. The sun's out, but I'll take a raincoat just the same.

21. 3 Muzium Brunei Diraja collected the Raincoat of Ong Sum Ping.

22. Synonyms for Cagoules include anoraks, cags, macs, mackintoshes, parkas, raincoats, windcheaters, capes, oilskin and slickers

23. Outerwear, namely coats, capes, parkas, wind-proof jackets, shells, jackets, stoles, ponchos, fleece jackets, anoraks and raincoats

24. Cagoules and Raincoats - It`s not just the parka that is quintessentially British; smocks, Cagoules, windbreakers and raincoats have also always been adopted by many British youth cultures for providing a smart and less cumbersome way of staying dry and kempt when out and about.

25. She wore a light travelling raincoat, and was carrying only a small leather bag.