rainbow|rainbows in English


['rain·bow || 'reɪnbəʊ]

colorful arc seen in the sky after a rainstorm (caused by sunlight shining through water droplets suspended in the air)

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1. I love rainbows.

2. Unicorns and rainbows.

3. Rainbows may have many beautiful colors.

4. A Shine of Rainbows: Directed by Vic Sarin

5. I draw people smiling... dogs running... rainbows.

6. Brazilian Rainbow Boas are the most colorful of the Rainbow Boa

7. Being Agreeable isn't all sunshine and rainbows, though

8. Rainbows and mirages are examples of optical phenomena.

9. Rainbow Unicorn.

10. So this story is not all sunshine and rainbows, unfortunately.

11. Eight big browns, 12 rainbows, in less than two hours.

12. Barraging Brawnhide (1) Standard Rainbow Barraging Brawnhide (2) Standard Rainbow Barraging Brawnhide (3) Standard Rainbow Demolition Crew (1) Standard

13. Radiohead retained ownership of the recordings and compositions for In Rainbows.

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15. It's like a rainbow.

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17. Rainbow Scrubby Crystalized Designs 30

18. Rainbow worship, or Adjectivitis

19. Bwana Spoons Blacklight reactive Rainbow Adventurer Dice bag kit with Rainbow Glow dice set mixedspecies

20. Rainbow Falls Bouldering (The Brushoffs) Climbing

21. After a hurricane comes a rainbow.

22. He looks like a rainbow.

23. The rainbow arches the heavens.

24. A bright rainbow arched above.

25. He was like the pellet-fed rainbows in the Fishery waters near Penny's parents.