railroad|railroads in English


[rail·road || 'reɪlrəʊd]

path for a train made of parallel metal tracks

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1. However, many of Carload Express's railroad engines are marked for the individual railroads (Allegheny Valley Railroad AVR, Delmarva Central Railroad DCR, etc.)

2. Other Cabooses were purchased from various railroads by private individuals and survive either on or off a railroad

3. Designing and building utility systems, energy infrastructure, railroads and underground railroads

4. Trains and railroads and...

5. (See also Railroads; Trains)

6. Highways and Byways Model Railroad Graphics and Led's, LLC specializes in precision cut vinyl roadway graphics and scale model vehicle LED installations designed for model railroads and dioramas

7. Many railroads went bankrupt.

8. Several railroads traverse the district.

9. "Railroad Accident Brief: Metro-North Railroad Derailment" (PDF).

10. The Underground Railroad is neither a railroad, nor underground.

11. I'm not going to build any railroads.

12. Railroad Safety Campaign!

13. Canal or railroad

14. The Underground Railroad:

15. Additionally this railroad is to belong to demesne share - holding system railroad.

16. New railroads are rapidly thrusting into the hilly regions.

17. And now we have railroads and cannon, Western clothing.


19. The railroad Brotherhoods are labor unions of railroad workers in the United States

20. Chronology of Iowa railroad Abandonments, 1982 (1982) Chronology of Iowa railroad Abandonments, 1982

21. There's a railroad track.

22. " There was no legislative enactment or ruling: the railroads simply adopted a five zone system and assumed the public would follow. The American Railway Association, an organization of railroad managers, had noticed growing scientific interest in standardizing time.

23. Railroad ties of metal

24. Even the railroads seem only scratched in with a penknife.

25. Many years ago I worked for one of our railroads.