program in English

a planned series of future events, items, or performances.
a weekly program of films
synonyms: schedule agenda calendar timetable order of events lineup
a sheet or booklet giving details of items or performers at an event or performance.
a theater program
synonyms: guide list of performerscast list playbill
provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a particular task.
it is a simple matter to program the computer to recognize such symbols

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1. Bracero Program synonyms, Bracero Program pronunciation, Bracero Program translation, English dictionary definition of Bracero Program

2. Program Interrupt Control Program (PIP).

3. An input routine; a diagnostic program; a trace program; a sort program.

4. Advanced program-to-program communication server

5. Program: # your program, or path to your program name: Completions-example desc: Shell Completions for your program made easy

6. Bsse Program Overview; Accreditation (ABET) Program Education Objectives, Outcomes and Goals; Program Requirements

7. The witness protection program is literally a program

8. This program is a component of the Additions program

9. Accessory, camera, accessory control program, and camera control program

10. Conjuncture Whitney Independent Study Program 2019-20 Studio Program

11. This program is a component of the Additions program

12. Each separately called program is a program invocation instance.

13. Asbestos Safety Program; Polychlorinated Biphenyls Policy; ASBESTOS SAFETY PROGRAM

14. A small program know keyboarding end of the program.

15. The Bs/MPH program is a multi-level, dual-degree program, meaning that students are concurrently enrolled in one undergraduate program and one graduate program

16. Program output: %

17. Program medication.

18. Program Times:

19. Cord offers program membership, providing benefits to multiple educational leaders within one program such as the residency program director, department chair, program manager/coordinator, fellowship director, and other educational leaders affiliated with the program

20. UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program Academic Talent Development Program

21. Select program O02020 " Spindle Warm- up " and press [ SELECT PROGRAM ]

22. Add Program

23. Run program.

24. 9 When D—COMP evaluates a program, program size, problem complexity and program complexity are taken into aocount.

25. Clock program Returns the processor time consumed by the program

26. Add Program Activities and provided Total Program Activities where applicable.

27. The CAIS program replaces the Net Income Stabilization Account (NISA) program and the Canadian Farm Income Program (CFIP).

28. The Bmus program is an Honours program (four years of study).

29. The Agriscience Program is a program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

30. 2017) – California Financing Law: Property Assessed Clean Energy program: program administrators.

31. Information processor, acoustic processor, acoustic processing system, program, and game program

32. The Apprenticeship program is set up as a four-year program

33. Computer, end program.

34. • Program allocat ions

35. Hippie, crunchy program.

36. Run last program.

37. Centenarian Recognition Program

38. Program for Diagrams

39. Biohazards USF Biosafety Program The USF Research Integrity and Compliance Biosafety Program

40. The Americanism Program: The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship

41. Application program: An Application program (sometimes shortened to Application ) is any program designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another Application program

42. ADMINISTRATION PROGRAM The Administration Program has improved considerably since the last audit.

43. Categorically Needy Program (CNP) This program has the largest scope of care

44. Anthropology Undergraduate Program

45. Accessory, camera, method for controlling accessory, accessory control program, and camera control program

46. If your program spindle speed does exceed 750rpm, the program will not run

47. 1) Name of Transfer Payment Program: Airports Capital Assistance Program 2) Start Date:

48. Attentive Preventative Care Management Program is the designer and administer of the program

49. Applying to an Apprenticeship program is different than applying for a degree program

50. Eligibility criteria for Katimavik program as well as other program-related information. Access: