programmatic in English

of the nature of or according to a program, schedule, or method.
a programmatic approach to change

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1. Programmatic notifications include a summary of changes related to programmatic buying.

2. 10 When should I use programmatic impersonation?

3. The title Les Adieux implies a programmatic nature

4. Archaeopteryx does not want programmatic control over sound or audio

5. There are three types of Accrediting bodies: regional, national, and programmatic

6. Programmatic Guaranteed payments are listed under:

7. Programmatic Direct does not currently support SDK-less video requests.

8. Other Programmatic Direct status remains the same.

9. 15 How do I use programmatic impersonation?

10. Programmatic and advertsising We at web agency Awave work with the full picture for data driven marketing, so called programmatic advertising

11. Proposal line items contain additional features to assist in programmatic transactions.

12. To set up Programmatic Direct, an Ad Manager administrator needs to:

13. You can control programmatic video ad eligibility based on video duration.

14. This non-delivery cause is typically associated with Programmatic Direct deals.

15. Programmatic transactions support standardized native ad formats to maximize advertiser reach and publisher yield.

16. Creatives uploaded by the buyer are approved by Google before Programmatic Direct campaigns run.

17. This article shows you how to enable Programmatic Direct and configure Deal settings.

18. This Programmatic Biological Opinion (PBO) considers the effects of the Action on red-Cockaded …

19. Dentsu has snapped up Accordant, a well-regarded independent programmatic technology and services firm

20. The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) carries out periodic review (“recognition”) of institutional and programmatic accrediting organizations

21. For "transavantgarde" Ryabchenko, peculiar by programmatic emptiness and adjusted aestheticism, frivolous playfulness and mechanistic combinatorics.

22. DSPs who have not met minimum requirements may have their access to Programmatic Guaranteed disabled.

23. The name of two Programmatic Direct statuses have changed to better align with Authorized Buyers.

24. Abstractionsand thusareelusiveand difficulttomeasure, and instead focus their efforts on more achievable programmatic priorities

25. Adlive is a transparent, brand safe, programmatic video platform for advertisers and publishers.

26. There shall be congruence, to the extent possible, of the programmatic and organizational structure of the Secretariat

27. Existing programming arrangements stress the importance of adequately funding the programmatic support of the resident coordinator system.

28. Global and joint service delivery models must support integrated programmatic action, transparency and accountability for results.

29. Cognizance is a SaaS application which integrates with programmatic platforms including DMPs and DCOs

30. Accordant Will Become Part of Amnet, the Global Programmatic Offering of Dentsu Aegis Network

31. * Reach out to your account manager if you want to be enabled for Programmatic Guaranteed or Preferred Deals.

32. Where additional programmatic resources are required, specific proposals for voluntary contributions will be presented to interested Member States.

33. Accordants ATS suite (DMP, DSP stack) and education for both clients and managers • Responsible for though leadership and evaluation of programmatic technology Show more Show less Trading Manager, EMEA Amnet Programmatic Experts for Dentsu Aegis Network Oct 2016 - Apr 2017 7 months

34. The Lactational Amenorrhea Method should receive the programmatic and policy support necessary to become available worldwide.

35. Bps serves as a programmatic home for an integrated research agenda, program leadership and execution under a single management structure.

36. Non-human traffic: Non-human traffic including robots, spiders, crawlers, and agents (collectively referred to as robots) represents programmatic activity on the website.

37. Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) deals provide an automated buying solution with tagless trafficking, advanced targeting and consolidated reporting and billing.

38. Assessable Unit Any organizational, functional, programmatic or other applicable subdivision of an organization that allows for adequate IC analysis

39. In the case of Programmatic Direct, the selection determines what creative the buyer should later upload to its DSP.

40. Admix is a monetisation platform for game developers enabling non-intrusive, programmatic product placements within their content

41. Programmatic Direct also reduces overhead of creative management as buyers host and manage creatives in their system.

42. Impression value that reflects the estimated delivery for the lifetime of a programmatic non-guaranteed line item.

43. Apps may also access identity-related information about your users (for example, username, name, email address) through standard programmatic access.

44. Programmatic proposals are similar to orders in Ad Manager but contain additional information for the purposes of negotiation with a buyer.

45. Census geocoder provides interactive & programmatic (REST) access to users interested in matching addresses to geographic locations and entities containing those addresses

46. Apt provides professional engineering and programmatic services in a variety of disciplines including systems engineering, risk assessment and analysis, test planning, range safety

47. Mixing native and banner is currently not supported for Programmatic Direct deals, regardless of whether the creative type is native or a banner.

48. The rate and cost in Programmatic Direct line items reflect gross revenue before potential earnings are calculated as net payments to you. Learn more

49. This Corridor-wide programmatic planning document was the result of unprecedented cooperation between all the cities, legislative leaders and agencies in the I-405 Corridor

50. Anapaestically Peeler will find extraterrestrial life? The carpenter set out here for? Programmatic access to he a keeper? From a more refined opinion than mine