commencement in English

a beginning or start.
at the commencement of training
a ceremony in which degrees or diplomas are conferred on graduating students.
a commencement address

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1. 2019-fall-Commencent Commencement Archive 2018 Spring Commencement coverage Video: 2019 Spring Commencement ceremonies 2020 2021 ready1 Virginia Tech Commencement 2021

2. Home Commencement Past Commencements 2016 Commencement Law Program Law Commencement Program Saturday, May 7, 2016 Lexington, Virginia

3. Some courses have an early commencement date.

4. He delivered a commencement speech during the ceremony.

5. What's the difference between a commencement a baccalaureate?

6. Nouns for Commence include Commencement, Commencements, Commencer and Commencers

7. Seeds begin to burgeon at the commencement of spring.

8. Uh, I'm calling about my, uh, commencement bonus.

9. The Cephalic phase is the commencement of the digestive process.

10. A new AEP must be secured prior to commencement of employment

11. (f) the action plan formulated for timely commencement of construction activities?

12. Also, in high school I was the valedictorian speaker at commencement.

13. Unemployment believed to be impending at the commencement of the loan.

14. any new departments and agencies established after the commencement of this Agreement;

15. We're less than two hours until commencement, and you're out gallivanting.

16. Except in divorce proceedings, commencement by petition is now very rare.

17. Inform owners of water intakes prior to the commencement of dredging activities.

18. The Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremony will be available on the Cajundome's website

19. Would passengers please put out cigarettes before the commencement of the flight.

20. This then was the works at the commencement of the 1914-18 war.

21. The commencement speaker that day was the distinguished British philosopher Baroness Mary Warnock.

22. That critical move was completed before the commencement of the term of contract.

23. Death is to us change, not consummation, and the commencement of a new existence.

24. * Kindly be present 30 minutes before the commencement of the timings mentioned above.

25. Thompson-Boling Arena also hosts a variety of concerts, special events, commencement ceremonies, and …

26. Moreover , soon after the commencement of production , the war broke out , blocking all imports .

27. The additional quota is usually released near the time of commencement of the Haj.

28. The members of a company on the commencement of winding up are termed as Contributory

29. Antonyms for Choiceness include worthlessness, subservience, damage, beginning, frustration, start, incompleteness, uselessness, inferiority and commencement

30. Antonyms for Abrogation include institution, introduction, allowance, approval, beginning, commencement, construction, creation, opening and permission

31. Antonyms for Ceasing include continuance, continuation, start, action, activity, advance, beginning, commencement, continuity and go

32. Antonyms for Abolitions include approval, beginning, commencement, confirmation, construction, creation, enactments, establishment, foundations and institutions

33. Efforts will therefore continue to find a suitable person before the commencement of next term.

34. The estimated commencement date is 19 with an anticipated construction period of approximately 2 years.

35. Arinze remains active and in 2009 gave the commencement address at the Augustine Institute in Denver.

36. But , even after the commencement of the Constitution , the property clauses remained the most contentious .

37. During the commencement exercises, the board of directors promptly announced the school would be rebuilt.

38. Antonyms for Abeyancy include continuation, continuance, resumption, beginning, commencement, completion, go, introduction, opening and persistence

39. An allied development after the war was the commencement of manufacture of power - driven pumps .

40. From the time of its commencement, it has been the very mission of Asquare Immigrations Inc

41. All applicants should be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of this course.

42. Bellevue University Digital Archives Search for photographs, videos, commencement programs, and other items from Bellevue University’s history

43. The definition "labour expenditure" is amended to instead refer to expenditures incurred after the production commencement time.

44. Commence translation in English - French Reverso dictionary, see also 'commerce',Commencement',comment',commend', examples, definition, conjugation

45. Short title, Extent and commencement.- 1.1 These Byelaws shall be called the Jharkhand Building Byelaws 2016

46. In no other country have the disastrous consequences of erosion followed so quickly after its commencement.”

47. * The two Prime Ministers welcomed the commencement of work for construction of a Dharmashala at the Pashupatinath Area.

48. Centre College to hold in-person Commencement exercises in May for the Classes of 2020 and 2021

49. It would be useful to see the actual project schedule for the commencement and completion of construction

50. Tomorrow, through a ground-breaking ceremony in Jaffna, we will be signalling the commencement of this project.