objets d'art in English

a small decorative or artistic object, typically when regarded as a collectible item.
In addition to works of fine art, the National Gallery possesses a small number of objets d'art including glass made by Maurice Marinot in the 1920s and 30s.

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1. Visitors will be impressed with the enormous range of collectable objets d'art on offer.

2. Arteri.ES Purveyors of desirable design items, vintage objects, novel curios, interesting ephemera and objets d'art

3. Stuart created découpaged lamps, mirrors, tables, chests and other one of a kind objets d'art.

4. This Curio cabinet gives us two things to celebrate: Storage and display! Offering the best of both worlds, this Curio provides your objets d'art a spot to be admired as it offers handy storage space for formal dinnerware, leather-bound books, photo albums – this list goes on.