misfire in English

a failure of a gun or missile to fire correctly or of fuel in an internal combustion engine to ignite.
I might add that in my lot of 1936 era ammunition, most of the primers have gone bad so be careful if your experience a misfire or hang fire when using old military stores.
(of a gun or missile) fail to discharge or fire properly.
In Saudi Arabia, it appeared the missiles misfired .

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1. More like a misfire.

2. Phenomenize, his philistine misfire Bedabbling ubique

3. SmartFire System Detects Individual Cylinder Misfire.

4. Misfire detected in multiple cylinders.

5. A partial misfire may have various causes.

6. Through the simulation of engine misfire by the misfire malfunction simulation device, the fluctuation of crankshaft instantaneous speed was analyzed.

7. No combustion ( misfire ) produces no ion current signal.

8. Weapons jam and misfire and cannon will explode.

9. Magneti Marelli 100 % misfire detection and leaner engine performance.

10. Mixture of air and gasoline vapor outside these limits may misfire.

11. Their engine would start to misfire causing it to make knocking noises.

12. A Digital Signal Processor analyzes the signature to extract knock and misfire information.

13. Knock control and misfire prevention software will be offered as upgrades.

14. They were made the scapegoats for the misfire of the program.

15. This system can minimize the ignition advance , misfire and other hidden dangers.

16. Much more recently, Salma appeared in the new sci-fi misfire Bliss, Costarring Owen Wilson

17. The system today provides Knock and Misfire Detection displayed to the Dyno operator.

18. PCM does not detect the malfunction for 3 consecutive trips ( except misfire and Fuel system Monitors ).

19. This project develops a suit of misfire generator for the functional approval test of OBD system.

20. Pops and Burbles are typically tuned by allowing an intentional lean misfire when letting off the throttle

21. And what about a software engineer who might have committed a programming error that caused a misfire?

22. And there was only one misfire, near Kharkov, Ukraine, where a nuclear blast was unable to stanch a gas leak.

23. Ats manufactures labscopes, OBD II generic scan tools, misfire detectors, pressure transducers, leak detectors, gas analyzers, borescopes, and engine simulators for the professional automotive mechanic.

24. A talented cast is left with no room to flourish in Crowded, a misfire whose dated feel is compounded by a pronounced lack of laughs.

25. The test results show that the misfire malfunction simulation device can run reliably and have an apparent influence on the engine crankshaft instantaneous speed fluctuation.

26. This paper introduces various influence factors that lead to the misfire of charging delay tube for firing device of rifle grenade, and the way to solve it was found.

27. Ultimately, Chequered! is a sporadically entertaining but mostly puzzling misfire that sounds like a wrongheaded product of its time, though whatever its flaws may be, Checker's own performances indicate he could have pulled this off with better help.

28. It would be hard to imagine a more dispiriting adaptation of Noël Coward’s 1941 play, which was made into a scintillating film by David Lean four years later, than this Cloddish misfire