garden tool mama in English

(Slang) prostitute, whore

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1. Barebones Hori Hori - Walnut Handle, Tempered Steel Blade, Garden Tool

2. A Bill hook is a tool commonly used in the garden

3. Dialling mama?

4. Why mama?

5. Play something, Mama.

6. Mama, it's modest.

7. " Mama, veo el mundo. "

8. Screw your mama

9. There is a water pump in the front garden and a huge mango tree, and it's here you stop and chat to Mama Sarah.

10. Go home, mama-san.

11. Mama, the flower bed!

12. Go home, mama- san

13. Sorry mama-ass nigger.

14. Anchorwoman Anne Pressly Beaten to Death with Garden Tool by Curtis Lavelle Vance, Says Detective

15. Post Hole Digger Auger Hand Soil Fence Garden Tool With Hardwood T Handle 6 " in

16. Mama Catenas Pizza & Ristorante

17. You've made Mama very sick.

18. Billabong Mini Mama Mini Backpack

19. Mama Sitas. Achuete Annatto Powder

20. Up to 3% cash back  · Shop 23 Garden Hose Couplers at Northern Tool + Equipment

21. I called out " Dada - mama! "

22. Aosome is an professional garden tool brand, main products are: Chainsaw, Brushcutters, Hedge Trimmer, Earth Auger, etc

23. Mama Sitas Achuete Annatto Powder All Natural (Pack of 10 x 10 gram) Brand: Mama Sita's

24. Your Mama Ling is completely paralyzed

25. I know you're very angry with Mama.