gareth in English


male first name; one of the knights of the Round Table, King Arthur's nephew (Arthurian Legend)

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1. Gareth used to prefer funerals to weddings.

2. Gareth had an unhealthy interest in death.

3. She had tried to seduce even Gareth.

4. 2 Gareth wore of course his psychedelic jacket.

5. Gareth Blackstock, the aforementioned Chef, embodies all the worst qualities of …

6. The best buds - along with Binky's mother Jane and Ollie's fiancé Gareth

7. Guitarist Gareth Sager and drummer Bruce Smith were eventually added to the group.

8. The assassin, gazing over the wizard's head, did not answer. GARETH smote Hugh rebukingly.

9. Jose Mourinho says Gareth Bale's Instagram post 'Contradicted reality' of his fitness situation "There was a contradiction between the post and the reality," says Jose Mourinho on Gareth Bale's

10. Birdt is Janne Mansens (violin and second vocals) Sascha Schmitt (accordion) Gareth L

11. Actor and voice coach expert Gareth Jameson shows you how to speak with a British accent

12. Gareth Baister Health & Wellness and Aquatics Service Development Manager at Active Northumberland United Kingdom

13. Gareth Morgan, his deputy and confidante, waited for him in the large office with windows overlooking the City.

14. We are delighted to announce the signing of Wales international full - back Gareth Bale from Southampton.

15. McBurney and his ace sound designers, Gareth Fry and Pete Malkin, have created an Aural labyrinth of many layers

16. ‘Former Bradford Cathedral head Choirboy Gareth has also recorded this year's Comic Relief single, a cover of …

17. Holyrood inquiry: Nicola Sturgeon misled parliament and SNP government 'badly' let down Alex Salmond Complainants Simon Johnson, Gareth Davies

18. Provided to YouTube by IngroovesAgile Accelerando (Tumble) · Gareth CokerMinecraft: Battle & Tumble (Original Soundtrack)℗ ℗ 2016 MicrosoftReleased on: 2016-

19. Batty battles nerves on long overdue return to Tests Gareth Batty celebrates a wicket in Chittagong CRICKET By DAVID CHARLESWORTH ENGLAND spinner Gareth Batty admitted his first Test appearance for more than 11 years was the most nerve-racking moment of a …

20. 8 GARETH, watching, saw Magicka blench, swallow and dart hasty glances and there,( as though seeking escape.

21. Gareth Bodle is storyteller; a writer of thrillers with strong romantic sub-plots, pacey action and clever intrigue with great characters

22. Jesse Lingard has said England boss Gareth Southgate Advised him to join West Ham on loan from Manchester United

23. “Belgravia”, debuting April 12 on Epix, is executive produced by the “Downton Abbey” team of Julian Fellowes, Nigel Marchant, Gareth Neame, and …

24. I will illustrate this by reading a few paragraphs from a recent op-ed piece written by Gareth Evans on that agreement

25. Gareth Edwards, director of the Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One, has a cameo appearance as a Resistance Soldier, as does Gary Barlow.

26. The question, "What does it mean to be an Anabaptist today?" as answered by Gareth Brandt is an interesting example of secular Anabaptism

27. Wayne Rooney opened the scoring early on, but a mistake from Ben Foster in the United goal allowed Gareth Barry to equalise for City.

28. Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves Burrowing · Gareth Coker Ori and the Will of the Wisps ℗ 2020 Microsoft Studios Music Released on: 2020-03-10 Composer: Gare

29. They refer to Gareth as a "Catamountain." Jason takes this opportunity to pretend to be the beholder of the supposedly Ferocious beast

30. 'Belgravia' creator Julian Fellowes and executive producer Gareth Neame on why the Duchess of Richmond’s ball was so pivotal and why this is a limited series

31. The Empire Writes Back, by Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffiths and Helen Tiffin, at first time from perspective post-colonial theory, makes an interpretation on colonial literature.

32. Tottenham left-back Ben Davies believes Gareth Bale is harshly Criticised and is confident the winger can play a key role in the team's bid to climb up the Premier League table.

33. A PHILOSOPHICAL DICTIONARY, VOLUME 1 (OF 10) FRANOIS-MARIE AROUET (AKA VOLTAIRE) He was bitter about the slaying of his brothers, Gareth and Gaheris, and would not be Appeased. A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT, COMPLETE MARK TWAIN (SAMUEL …

34. “If she brought this from Italy,” Hyacinth said, her head tilting slightly to the side as she eyed the cabinet Assessingly, “or if her grandmother brought it on her visit…” “It would stand to reason that she would know if there was a secret compartment,” Gareth finished for her.

35. Aspies For Freedom is a group which is at the forefront of the autism rights movement.The term "Aspies" refers to high-functioning autistics, or those with Asperger's Syndrome, who seem to be "little professors."Established in 2004 by Amy and Gareth Nelson, it soon received supportive letters from such autism experts as Simon Baron-Cohen, Tony Attwood and Donna Williams as well as press from

36. After the death of his master no one was permitted to Bestride that good horse.: To open it, to scale the frame, to Bestride it, was the work of a second only.: He seemed to Bestride it as we could imagine Alexander bestriding his Bucephalus.: The color had left his face, and ages seemed to Bestride his bent shoulders.: As for that, said Gareth, I shall not fail you an I may Bestride mine horse.

37. She gan Bewail the stalwart Iring and bewept his wounds, indeed her grief was passing sharp.: Wit you well that ever will I Bewail the death of my dear friend, Sir Gareth.: And when the Danava hosts had been destroyed, all their females began to Bewail in that city, like unto cranes in autumn.: It is etiquette for a bride to Bewail the approaching loss of her maidenhood.