megakaryocyte|megakaryocytes in English


large cell with a nucleus in the bone marrow (Biology)

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1. Megakaryocytes from a case of aleukemic megakaryocytic myelosis were examined by electron microscope.

2. Megakaryocytes were Adequate in number without overt cytologic atypia although a few hypolobated forms were present

3. The fibrosis accompanying PMF is non-Clonal as it is secondary to cytokine stimulation of fibroblasts by the actually Clonal megakaryocyte proliferation

4. The complex ameboid morphology of megakaryocytes in bone marrow of primary (idiopathic) osteomyelofibrosis is examined with this new method in combination with selective immunohistochemical staining procedures.

5. 3 - capable of Ameboid movement (check out Ameboid Movement - Amoeba) 4 - exhibit chemotaxis (attracted to certain chemicals, such as those released by damaged cells) Platelets (or thrombocytes) 1 - formed in the bone marrow from cells called megakaryocytes

6. In 5 cases of polycythaemia vera and 2 cases with other myeloproliferative disorders accompanied by thrombocythaemia (megakaryocytic myelosis), the megakaryocytes were differentiated and studied by use of the combined application of cytophoto-metric determination of the DNA content and autoradiography with tritiated thymidine (3H-TdR) in vitro.