sulfa in English

the sulfonamide family of drugs.
a succession of life-saving sulfa drugs
in names of drugs derived from sulfanilamide.

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1. Zonegran is a sulfa drug with anti-Convulsant effects

2. However, some important classes of Antibiotics (including the sulfa Antibiotics, the quinolones, and

3. Acriflavin can be combined with Malachite Green (Victoria Green), or Triple Sulfa for moderate to severe infections

4. Do you remember when doctors used X rays for acne, removed children’s tonsils for minor reasons or prescribed the new sulfa drugs or penicillin for almost any infection?

5. ‘It is also a Bactericidal agent among other antimicrobial agents, such as penicillin, sulfa, and tetracycline.’ ‘This finding confirmed the mouse experiments, which failed to demonstrate any increase in Bactericidal activity when steroids, that are highly protuberculous in …

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