length in English

the measurement or extent of something from end to end; the greater of two or the greatest of three dimensions of a body.
it can reach over two feet in length
the extent of something, especially as a unit of measurement, in particular.
reaching up to or down to the place specified.

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1. Length 0.86, width 0.64, Antocular region length 0.38, postocular length 0.35

2. Our Backless dresses come in every length, from a mini skirt length to midi length to floor

3. Concave length.

4. length=[time]

5. All Length Conversions Nearly 300 different length and distance units.

6. That is length A times length B times sine theta.

7. Length frequency analysis, rostral length, endoskeleton length and statolith are used in determination of the age and growth in cephalopod.

8. Run Length Encoding

9. Leader Line Length

10. Length-adjustable hanger

11. Use the size sliders to find your perfect Basket! Length Length Range

12. Antonyms for Briefly include long-windedly, verbosely, diffusely, wordily, permanently, at length, at great length, at undue length, for good and later

13. Runners adjust stride length to gather speed: stride length increases as speed increases.

14. Common Length Conversions A few of the more common length and distance units

15. Length adjustable gas spring

16. length may be allowed.

17. length B, sine theta.

18. Length of the datum

19. Leader Line Extensions Length

20. Please discuss at length.

21. At length he returned.

22. He succeeded at length.

23. She spoke at length.

24. A Constructible number is a Constructible length or the negative of a Constructible length

25. fixed length (three characters) alphabetic coded representations; fixed length (three characters) numeric coded representations

26. Though reaching a length of 46 inches, Burbot average only about 23 inches in length.

27. The length of the Bateau varied greatly, 58 feet (17.5 m) being a common length

28. Where a packet's length is a multiple of 255, the final segment is length 0.

29. You have this side of length 7 is Congruent to this side of length 7

30. Buckle device for length adjustment

31. The length of a point.

32. Keep some at arm's length.

33. Baculitic Longer focal length lens

34. But what's the adjacent length?

35. 'OK,' he replied at length.

36. ‘Prey size was estimated by comparing the length of the exposed bill Culmen of adults with the length of the prey.’ ‘For both species, body size traits (in mm) included mean tarsus length, mean flattened wing chord, tail length, and Culmen length (base of cere to tip of beak).’

37. Amil Intense Length Mascara AMYN06.

38. 1 alphabetic character, fixed length

39. REPLACE(text; position; length; new_text

40. · Specify alternative length requirements Trunk

41. Awk documentation: length([String]) Example

42. Length adjusting apparatus for hanger

43. Meters to Centimeters length conversion

44. Its length measures 12 mm.

45. 3 alphanumeric characters, fixed length

46. Reading tape ID length failed

47. Just a length of bamboo.

48. Writing tape ID length failed

49. The length of the dowel or dowels should conform to the length of the blowpipe itself.

50. Dram supporting different burst-length accesses without changing the burst length setting in the mode register