kebab|kebabs in English


[ke·bab || kə'bɑb /kə'bæb]

small pieces of meat roasted on a skewe

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1. Sam, I've done chicken kebabs.

2. Adana Kebab is one the most delicious and famous kebab variety of Turkish cuisine

3. Synonyms for Brochettes include kebabs, satays, shish kebabs, skewers, rotisseries, barbecue, grill, spit, tandoors and rods

4. Sam, I' ve done chicken kebabs

5. Nicky: I could murder a kebab.

6. How about some kebab?

7. And not just Biryani, the restaurant offers an array of other traditional kebabs, korma and curries - from galouti kebabs, Chicken 65, Paneer 65 and chicken seekh kebabs (for starters) to Chicken Haleem, Paneer Nawabi, Chicken Korma and their special Dum Nihari

8. Brochette de viande - meat kebab; Brochettes de poisson - fish kebab; How do you say 'skewer' or 'kebab' in Italian and Spanish? Italian spiedino; Spanish brocheta; The singular and plural forms are pronounced identically

9. A testicle impaled on a kebab skewer!

10. Divorce aIways gives me an appetite. Kebab?

11. This traditional spicy ground lamb kebab aka Adana kebab is yet another extremely delicious and popular dish in Turkey

12. It will be perfect with the Chicken Kebab.

13. Welcome to House of Biryanis and Kebabs – True Mughlai & South indian Cuisine

14. A large doner kebab also weighs about 130g .

15. There ■ s also a very amusing incident with a kebab.

16. A Gourmandize Salad, Chicken Kebab and a bottle of beer.

17. Pie Barm or Wigan kebab is a unique English sandwich hailing from Wigan

18. ‘Turkish cuisine is famous for its kebabs, stuffed eggplant and Boreks—stuffed pastry with meat/spinach.’

19. Tulsi Paneer, Dal Baluchi, Nalli Nihari, Pan Kulfi, Laal Maas, Kebab

20. Adana is the heart of kebab, which Turkey is famous for

21. Switch easily between kebab-case, SNAKE_CASE, PascalCase, Camelcase, snake_case or space case.

22. It is called as ‘Adana Kebab’ because its originally found in Adana …

23. She particularly relishes fried rabbit - heads, the Sichuan version of late - night kebab.

24. Carousel KEBAB COMBO Minced lean beef mixed with fine chopped onions, parsley, seasoning and spices

25. Aristos & Kiki Kebab House, Mouttagiaka: See 221 unbiased reviews of Aristos & Kiki Kebab House, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #2 of 11 restaurants in Mouttagiaka.