jibe|jibed|jibes|jibing in English



gibe, mock; fit, be in agreement; change direction, shift back and forth (Nautical)

Use "jibe|jibed|jibes|jibing" in a sentence

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1. The numbers don't jibe.

2. She was tired of his cheap jibes.

3. Politically speaking(http://Sentencedict.com), his jibes were right on target.

4. He succeeded to jibe her attention.

5. Her story didn't jibe with the witnesses'account.

6. They did not jibe so well.

7. His position jibe with his ideal.

8. How did your expectations jibe with the reality?

9. If the Dole jibe rings true now, Dole himself must share the blame.

10. Your statement doesn't jibe with the facts.

11. To deal with the jibes of those who called her Big Ben.

12. His report did not jibe with the facts.

13. What you see in movies doesn't always jibe with reality.

14. Unlike many other politicians, he refuses to indulge in cheap jibes at other people's expense.

15. The report does not jibe with the facts.

16. His position did not jibe with his ideal.

17. That jibe about Alison was mean and contemptible.

18. 9 That jibe about Alison was mean and contemptible.

19. The Backwinded jibe is for tricksters and creative types looking for ways to perform a jibe without the traditional method of flipping the sail

20. 'No doubt he'll give me the chance to fight him again,' he jibed, tongue in cheek.

21. This, apparently , doesn't jibe with Cristina's understanding of the document.

22. Greg's jibe about the dress being like a shroud rankled.

23. What he says does not jibe with what others say.

24. Windsurfing Tutorial with step by step technique tips to learn the Backwind Jibe

25. When used as a noun, jibe refers to a remark that attacks someone.