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triangular forward sail (Nautical); arm of a crane; uncooperative animal

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1. Either Clincher or carvel-built, no jib-stay, the jib hoisting and hanging by the halliards alone

2. Fore and Aftnd-aft sails at the front were called jibs (1)

3. " Courses, tops'ls, and flying - jib, sir. "

4. A large jib used on a racing yacht.

5. It changes working radius usually by luffing jib.

6. We set the flying jib and cracked on.

7. 108m with Biparted swing-away jib: Max

8. Backwinding the jib is to leave the jib sheeted in once the boat has crossed head to wind during a tack

9. Safety system – transport – ce Behew Behew Behew Behew hydraulic swing-up stabilizer legs yes yes yes yes fly-jib 2200 k6 + k7 fly-jib 1400 k6 + k7 k8 fly-jib 2000 ok4 ok5 + ok6 fly-jib 1200 ok5 + ok6 2 manual extensions, fly jib fj 1400-k6 fj 1200-k6 fj 2200-k6 fj 2000-k6 1 manual extension, crane k6 ok5 k6 ok5 personnel basket (only fly

10. I see you are a sailor by jib.

11. At present Vietnam shoe kind the order of 30 % already jib.

12. Overbrace jib crane with adjustable hoist. Swing range can be shown.

13. Synonyms for Balks include resists, eschews, hesitates, disdains, jibs, refuses to, scorns, shrinks from, demurs from and desists

14. I must say I didn't like the cut of his jib.

15. With the bow up and the jib Backwinding the boat will pivot.

16. I know he is a soldier by the cut of his jib.

17. As the boat approached we could see its jib more clearly.

18. This mast held an iron stay upon which to hoist a jib - sail.

19. 12 A small sloop with a mainsail, jib, and keel but no bowsprit.

20. After tacking and letting the jib be Backwinded, observe how your boat behaves

21. With the bow up and the jib Backwinding the boat will pivot

22. A Backwinded jib that intentionally “prevents” the boat from efficient forward motion

23. I know he is a sailor by the cut of his jib.

24. Backwinding the jib helps the boat turn during a tack significantly, therefore, the longer you allow the jib to backwind, the less rudder you will have to use to steer through a tack

25. This paper introduces the technique for welding machine vehicle on portal jib crane.