incurable in English

(of a sick person or a disease) not able to be cured.
But the claim that a product can cure an incurable disease should sound alarms.
a person who cannot be cured.
The hospital - which has more than 2,000 fundraisers - was first opened as a cancer pavilion and home for incurables in 1892, but was renamed The Christie Hospital in 1901 in recognition of the pioneering work of both Mr and Mrs Christie.

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1. Folly is an incurable disease.

2. 18 My grief is incurable;

3. This disease is incurable.

4. She's an incurable optimist.

5. He's an incurable optimist.

6. You're a hopeless/incurable romantic.

7. Neurasthenia, dementia praecox, incurable homosexuality, epilepsy, melancholia.

8. Jane is an incurable gossip.

9. He has an incurable and widespread nepotism.

10. Vulnerable to the attack,who are incurable.

11. She has a rare, incurable disease.

12. My mother is an incurable optimist.

13. They were portrayed as more potent and, moreover, incurable.

14. We were informed she has a rare, incurable disease.

15. That being the case, Chan is an incurable romantic.

16. He said you had an incurable disease!

17. (1 Corinthians 4:11) An incurable loafer?

18. And like any type of physical handicap, it is incurable.

19. The first witch, Asha, suffers from an incurable disease.

20. My doctor told me that the cancer was incurable.

21. Any lung cancer that has spread is considered incurable.

22. He is suffering from an incurable skin disease.

23. Synonyms: incurable, hardened, hopeless, intractable More Synonyms of inCorrigible

24. Did I mention that I am an incurable prankster?

25. Gonorrhea has mutated into deadly and incurable antibiotic-resistant strains.

26. And, tragically, A-T is - as yet - an incurable disease.

27. Such advances offer a potential cure for hitherto incurable diseases.

28. But Stirling, the incurable optimist, was already making new plans.

29. Most famously, in Juvenal's insanabile scribendi Cacoethes "incurable passion for writing."

30. In other words, the habit is by no means incurable.

31. About 600 people throughout the world suffer from the incurable FOP.

32. I was diagnosed with muscle atrophy, an incurable disease that eventually leads to complete paralysis.

33. This is an incurable condition of the retina which caused almost total blindness.

34. Asbestosis is a progressive, debilitating, and incurable lung disease that causes pain and difficulty breathing

35. For much of its long history, leprosy was feared as an incurable, disfiguring disease.

36. And the threat of genital herpes, currently considered incurable, is sending shock waves through the swinging community.

37. Just inhaling the thick stench down here can fill a person with incurable disease.

38. First, this interest is due to association of Amyloids with dozens of incurable human diseases called …

39. Is day - by - day getting more and more incurable, the life one time loves you incurably.

40. Unfortunately, many kinds of Boxwoods are susceptible to an incurable fungal disease called Boxwood blight.

41. I'm an incurable insomniac so I get a lot of my work done while the world sleeps.

42. Once wheat had triumphed on poor land, the imbalance between cattle, sheep, and cash crops became incurable.

43. Patients with incurable illnesses are brought to the hospice, where they are given the best possible care.

44. The woman, Bristling with love, passion and dependency The Bristling (18+) Woman suffers from incurable Bristling

45. “A potent mixture of racism, poverty and ignorance is accelerating the spread of the incurable disease.”

46. This is especially the case with the treatment of sicknesses that have until now been incurable.”

47. Adrenaline Dominance explains how this hormone might be a major underlying cause of many conditions currently considered incurable

48. 12 synonyms for Besetting: chronic, persistent, long-standing, prevalent, habitual, ingrained, deep-seated, incurable, deep-rooted, inveterate, incorrigible

49. Which would make this case attractive to anyone who has some vested interest in people curing the incurable.

50. 16 Admittedly, there are legitimate medical uses for various pain-killing preparations in cases of accident or incurable disease.