hummock|hummocks in English


[hum·mock || 'hʌmək]

small raised area of land, small hillock, knoll

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1. The hummocks denied any sure footing.

2. These hummocks vary in size from coins to basketballs.

3. He was still standing on the hummock piping the fife in the long dusk.

4. High up on the hummock, I am free, free to walk my horse.

5. Some short scarps and hummocks in this region probably also originate from the Caloris impact.

6. The sedimentology of four moraine ridges and one moraine hummock favours deposition in subglacial cavities.

7. Just a bundle of suffixes and prefixes piled up into a little attention-grabbing hummock.

8. I've never seen such terrible country; it was a constant stumble over grassy hummocks and peat-bogs.

9. The weeds on the path, crisp with frost, were slippery white hummocks in the darkness leading to the door.

10. It has 28 letters, but what is it? Just a bundle of suffixes and prefixes piled up into a little attention-grabbing hummock.

11. Where the ground is slightly drier, in the coniferous woods, there are smooth rounded hummocks of a pale turquoise moss.

12. The wide belt of dune-land with its hummocks and scrubby grass growing out of the sand was deserted at that hour.

13. He also confirmed a previously observed lack of ceramics at Aspero, and deduced that "hummocks" on the site constituted the remains of artificial platform mounds.

14. Cushion plant A plant that forms a tight low hummock as an adaptation to cold and dry or windy situations.

15. Time after time I stumbled over some hummock of tough grass, and once I went into a creek up to my shoulders.

16. There was a particular hummock of coral that caused the green vans to slow to a crawl, gears clashing as they shifted down.

17. Coral reef, ridge or hummock formed in shallow ocean areas by algae and the calcareous skeletons of certain coelenterates, of which Coral polyps are the most important

18. Every man is the lord of a realm beside which the earthly empire of the Czar is but a petty state, a hummock left by the ice.

19. A year later, plants such as woolgrass Bulrush, brome hummock sedge, giant bur-reed, marsh marigold, queen-of-the-prairie and spike gayfeather are attracting dragonflies and monarch butterflies.

20. The peat moss hummocks constitute a particular environment that is home to some very specialized species, including andromeda (Andromeda polifolia), licopodiella (Lycopodiella inundata), droseras (Drosera rotundifolia, Drosera longifolia), blueberries (Vaccinium microcarpum, Vaccinium uliginosum), sedge (Carex pauciflor, Carex limosa), deergrass (Trichophorum caespitosum) and sheathed cottonsedge (Eriophorum vaginatum).