have a good grip of in English

be in control of; have a good understanding of

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1. Ensure you have a good grip on your phone while taking selfies with this Backspin aluminum propeller PopSockets PopGrip swappable phone grip

2. Why does tobacco have such a grip?

3. 23 Usually players with a strong left-hand grip have a good forearm rotation because the arm is already part of the way there.

4. Rebels have tightened their grip on the city.

5. You have to focus with a kind of relentless determination on keeping your grip.

6. Right-wing think-tanks have an even firmer grip.

7. On the Backhand side, the use of the RPB grip removes the normal weakness of the Chinese penhold grip since it is able to produce a heavy topspin ball with good power and a wide reach

8. 20 Rebels have tightened their grip on the city.

9. Now, we have a way to grip and pull out Clumps of larger trees and shrubs

10. Yet, the anxieties of life and the lure of material comforts can have a powerful grip on us.

11. Normal Armlock putters have a straight/flat grip from top to bottom, making the golfer feel awkward because they have to forward press a LARGE amount to keep the grip on the leading forearm

12. Working with those naiI clippers just doesn' t have any grip

13. Designed specifically for use on "Bobtailed" guns, these Slim Line laminated grip panels feature a deep double diamond checkering pattern for a positive grip and a clear finish for long life and good looks

14. I have a good sense of smell.

15. Have a good breakup.

16. Have a good day.

17. Have a good vacation.

18. A good deed may not have good return

19. Have a good trip!

20. Its fingertips have distinctive pads with ridges that grip like the tread on a tire.

21. Brash is a Kitgun grip component

22. My racquet needs a new grip.

23. Fixed-Grip Chairlift: The first Chairlifts were fixed grip

24. 13 Shalom Shalom, good evening, have a good day!

25. They have the security of a good home.