grilles in English

a grating or screen of metal bars or wires, placed in front of something as protection or to allow ventilation or discreet observation.
At least 11 of the 15 small shops surrounding the square are barricaded with graffiti-covered metal grilles .

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1. We feature a variety of truck grilles, Billet grilles, wire mesh grilles and grille inserts

2. Steel and aluminum door grilles

3. Air inlet and air outlet grilles of metal, ventilation grilles, in particular for ceiling, wall and floor outlets

4. Intake ventilators (ventilation grilles and channels)

5. Rigid grates, Linear grilles, Rolling grates, Flood grates, Drain covers and gratings and related frames and angle frames for grilles

6. We have a Huge Selection of Billet Grilles

7. The windows are covered with grilles to deter vandals.

8. Why, for instance, does it have two radiator grilles?

9. Louvres and grilles for separating water (liquid) from air current

10. Grilles, diffusers, baffles, pipes, tubes, ducts and ducting for conducting air therethrough, all being predominantly non-metallic

11. Billet Grilles and Grille Inserts are 25% OFF Plus FREE SHIPPING

12. Cast-iron grilles and other cast-iron building components and accessories

13. Chutes of metal, security grilles of metal, pre-fabricated ditches of sheet metal

14. Dilapidated public schools-their windows covered by protective grilles coexist with crack houses.

15. But I can hear nuns singing quietly, sweetly, invisible behind thick wooden grilles.

16. Boonies is the best of the bar/grilles you could hope to get anywhere

17. 11 Kelley was a notorious forger, mystic and alchemist who was familiar with Cardan grilles.

18. The German guards quickly closed all grilles on twelve of the inspection holes and opened one door.

19. The individual modules take the form of vats designed to accommodate wire grilles loaded with circuit-board assemblies.

20. A new but effective way of securing windows and glazed doors is to fit Security Grilles from Homeguard Products.

21. Bumper covers may also include built-in features like grilles that allow proper ventilation for car parts under the hood.

22. At Accord Ventilation, we provide our customers with registers, grilles, diffusers, and accessories tested to the highest quality standards

23. The door was secured by a hasp and a heavy padlock and the windows were protected by grilles.

24. Do not rely on ventilator grilles which can be fitted partially over a window,[ ] as these may prove inadequate.

25. • Eliminate unusual air currents caused by uneven heating by adjusting partitions, insulating, or relocating the diffuser and return air grilles.

26. Since one of the steel grilles barring an entrance had been destroyed in December, many of these Bunkermen have visited the tunnels.

27. Goods of common metal, steel, cast iron or alloy for chimneys, namely firedogs (andirons), chimney plates, chimney grilles, chimney cowls, chimney pots, chimney beams, firewalls

28. Prefabricated building elements of metal for ventilating and aerating installations, in particular for buildings, namely inlet and outlet ducts, aerating and ventilating grilles, external and internal hoods

29. Accessories for fireplace heating installations or enclosed chimney fireplaces, namely: chimney throats, fume ducts, firedogs, protection grilles, air inlets and outlets, ash receptacles, air admission and evacuation valves, glass doors, ventilators

30. Goods of metal, steel, cast iron or alloy for chimneys, namely firedogs (andirons), chimney plates, chimney grilles, chimney cowls of metal, chimney pots, chimney beams, chimney blowers, fire walls

31. The 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Broughams had revised grilles and side trim, with new paint schemes; in an attempt to address gas mileage, the standard engine was the 400, with the 440 optional

32. Vehicle components, in particular rearview mirrors, sun shades, tank caps, radiator mascots, radiator grilles, sparkplugs, signal rings, decorative strips, decorative screens, door window frames, seta adjusters, balance weights for vehicles

33. Extractor hoods, water purifying apparatus and machines, air purifying apparatus and machines, filter cartridges for air or water purifying apparatus and machines, mushroom roof vents, water softening apparatus and installations, grates for fireplaces, aeration grilles for fireplaces

34. Girders, purlins, trusses, lintels, beams, boards, panels, joists, floors, ceilings, roofing, profiles, sections, skirting, parapets, pillars, columns, rafters, grating, grilles, gullies, guttering, meshes, rails, railing, poles, racking, braces, column ties, cleats, supports, struts, all made of common metals

35. Metal doors, gates not of metal, metal windows, skylights, expenses vskylight, grilles and mechanical barriers of all kinds of building the character of the frames of metal, non-metallic thermal and acoustic insulation products for herein

36. Summit Racing carries an assortment of the Bully Truck parts you need to keep your truck turning heads, including chrome grilles, aluminum side steps, billet fuel doors, hitch covers, Bully clamps, step bars, tailgate locks, and much more!

37. The entrance hall has tall windows, traditional colonial window grilles and fanlights, high ceilings and positively Chintzy armchairs and is decorated with paintings by local artists and also with bonsai trees, which hold an inexplicable fascination for Old Havana interior designers.

38. But like Anamorphoses designed for the eye of the camera, various poles, boards, bowls, grilles, and the like have been arranged in the depths of the room to create a play of light on the arranged objects that produces the illusion of a coherent reality that is completely different …

39. Previous Numbers and Titles (Numbers prior to 2004-12-31) Sliding Metal Fire Doors Wood Doors Sliding Wood and Plastic Doors Access Doors For Mechanical Systems Coiling Counter Doors Overhead Coiling Doors and Grilles Side Coiling Grilles Vault Doors and Frames Safety Glass Doors Accordion Folding Doors Sectional Wood Overhead Doors Sectional Metal Overhead Doors Sectional Plastic Overhead Doors Panel Folding Doors Vertical Lift Wood Doors Vertical Lift Metal Doors Multileaf Vertical Lift Metal Doors Flexible Doors Automatic Entrance Doors Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls Structural Sealant Glazing System Windows Plastic Skylights Door Hardware Cabinet and Miscellaneous Hardware Glazing Security Film for Glass Louvres and Vents

40. Repair, maintenance and restoration of solid fuel heating installations, open and closed wood-burning fires and hearths, fireplace inserts, wood-burning ranges and stoves, accessories for chimney heating installations or closed chimney fireplaces, namely: chimney throats, fume ducts, firedogs, protection grilles, air inlets and outlets, ash receptacles, air admission and evacuation valves, glass doors, ventilators