Use "grim" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "grim" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "grim", or refer to the context using the word "grim" in the English Dictionary.

1. These are grim economic times, fellow TEDsters, grim economic times indeed.

2. The Grim, possibly.

3. It's the Grim!

4. A grim diagnosis indeed!

5. Grim Beeper Enamel Pin — Grim Reaper Bee Pin — Insect Hard Enamel Pin — Bee With Scythe Pin — Honeybee Lapel Pin —Death Grim Reaper crowlines

6. Grim grime begrime begrimer Begrimers

7. Land Acknowledgments shouldn’t be grim

8. 7 The future looks grim.

9. The outlook is pretty grim.

10. He felt disconsolate, grim, weary.

11. And, if that sounded grim, Greene responded almost jauntily. No, not grim, but realistic.

12. A grim expression furrowed his brow.

13. You gonna have to get grim.

14. 30 I've had a grim day.

15. 16 The outlook is pretty grim.

16. Cobalt had resumed his grim expression.

17. Things were pretty grim for a time.

18. 29 I feel pretty grim this morning.

19. 17 Her expression was grim and unpleasant.

20. He was dark - browed, grim and fearsome.

21. Natural selection is a grim natural reaper.

22. REX - Carrotwoods Grim is looking to relocate

23. Center officials cite even more grim statistics.

24. It's a grim old pile, very spooky.

25. AGAIN the grim reports fill the media.

26. 23 His face set in grim lines.

27. 13 He hung on with grim determination.

28. 10 The weather forecast is pretty grim.

29. Ending up drooling in some grim institutional hallway.

30. Their faces soot black, raccoon eyes grim, alert.

31. 18 There was further grim economic news yesterday.

32. He set about the task with grim concentration.

33. Not so tough and grim as you seem.

34. 27 We received the grim news in silence.

35. The worldwide picture for tribal people remains grim.

36. This page lists all Amulets in Grim Dawn

37. 25 Things were pretty grim for a time.

38. Prospects are grim for Jews trapped in Jerusalem

39. They painted a grim picture of growing crime.

40. 15 'I'll survive,' he said with a grim smile.

41. 11 Their faces soot black, raccoon eyes grim, alert.

42. The house looked grim and dreary in the rain.

43. And there, on the horizon, it's the Grim Reaper.

44. 24 Kate's face was set in a grim expression.

45. 20 Her face wore a grim,[] set look.

46. A "Saturnine" disposition is typically humorless and somewhat grim.

47. He held on to the branch like grim death.

48. 21 Yesterday's crash has grim echoes of previous disasters.

49. 5 He set about the task with grim concentration.

50. Meet the Buttheads: Grim Ripper, Tushi, Robutt, and Brainfart