grime in English

dirt ingrained on the surface of something, especially clothing, a building, or the skin.
For the mechanics, rain means washing bikes that are thick with dirt and grime after the race.
a form of dance music characterized by machinelike sounds and hip-hop vocals.
blacken or make dirty with grime.
the beaches are grimed with a foul foam

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1. Grime begrime begrimer Begrimers

2. His face was covered with grime.

3. Grim grime begrime begrimer Begrimers

4. I'm covered in songwriting grime.

5. The windows were nearly opaque with grime.

6. The walls were black with grime.

7. The walls were covered in grime.

8. Huge chimneys belched forth smoke and grime.

9. Burghemot Glen at the permanence of grime

10. They were thick with dried food and grime.

11. Origin of Begrime From be- (“about, all over”) +‎ grime.

12. Coveralls provide full body protection against dirt and grime

13. Cold Cream Cleanser dissolves grime and waterproof make-up.

14. The men were caked in layers of filth and grime.

15. Begrimed definition is - made dirty or grimy : covered with grime

16. Begrime Meaning: "cover with dirt," 1530s, from be- + grime (n.)

17. P Money) [Faze Miyake Grime Remix]", "Anthemic (feat

18. I'm trying to get the grime out of the air.

19. Clean cut™ disinfecting wipes cut through tough grease and grime

20. The Adits, West Kootenay Punk Rock as much grime as gold.

21. His hand were black with grime from working on the car.

22. • Use a soft Bristle brush to loosen the grime and if …

23. Greedily she swallowed her saliva mixed with his salty, sweaty grime.

24. His face and hands were coverd with grime from the coal dust.

25. Even the view was all but invisible through a windscreen coated with Roman grime.

26. The building's Backside faced an alley and was covered in grime and graffiti

27. 10 synonyms for Bemire: mire, muck, mud, muddy, slush, begrime, colly, dirty, grime, soil

28. 10 synonyms for Bemire: mire, muck, mud, muddy, slush, begrime, colly, dirty, grime, soil

29. Bogging definition: filthy ; covered in dirt and grime Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

30. Holy rap! Hilarious moment Irish priest accidentally Blares out grime track during online mass service

31. Heavy tears were brimming from his eyes, washing clear channels through the dirt and grime.

32. Over the years, the painting has become covered in a thick layer of grime.

33. The lichen-crusted walls bedecked with city grime capture my attention time and time again.

34. To remove the film of grime which forms on the Bodywork use plenty of clean water

35. City dwellers should use a light conditioner because heavy ones can leave residues which attract grime.

36. • The burgundy skirt was smeared with grime and buttons were missing from her gaping Blouse

37. A small baby crawled out on its hands and knees, its face covered in grime.

38. Sonny scraped his fingernail along the soft grime on the lip of the oak table.

39. Mudroom Baseboards pick up a lot of grime, too, because your family tracks dirt in from the outdoors

40. Appalled at the state of the kitchen, she set about scrubbing away the layers of grime and grease.

41. Carbon black is that grime that otherwise lodges in your pretty pink lungs, and it's associated with.

42. 15 Previous days' food and grime always made a meal look unappetizing, though it never affected the taste.

43. A row of curtainless windows punctuated the wall behind the sink, all of them opaque with ancient grime.

44. And yet, amidst the dirt and grime, grew the occasional camomile, white flowers pressing strongly towards the sun.

45. Paisley Bandana absorbs sweat, cleans off trail-grime and offers a multitude of other camp and trail uses.

46. Dust-wreathed propellers turn overhead, twisting and turning the grime of centuries into the crannies of the moulded ceiling.

47. Fragrant: Unlike traditional cleaners, Bucko's Soap Scrum and Grime Cleaner makes cleaning smell pleasant with its light, lemonwater scent.

48. 5 He found a job as a sheet-metal worker, drudge and grime and long hours and low pay.

49. The CRAFTSMAN all surface wash Brush is built to remove dirt and grime, while protecting your surface from unnecessary scratches

50. I could have been listening to too much Grime lately, but Acumental and Term sound very white and very American