gang in English

an organized group of criminals.
Former military figures have been implicated in drug trafficking and kidnappings by organized criminal gangs .
a set of switches, sockets, or other electrical or mechanical devices grouped together.
I've currently got a three gang switch which I'm taking one light off of and moving to a separate switch.
(of a number of people) form a group or gang.
the smaller supermarket chains are ganging together to beat the big boys
synonyms: conspire cooperate collude work togetheract together combine join forces team up get together unite ally

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1. Bakshish Lyrics: Uh, gang-gang, gang-gang / Gang-gang, gang-gang, uh / Yeah bitch, uh, yeah bitch / Hashish, na po pina hashish (hashish bitch) / Tash mushet tavolina Bakshish (Bakshish …

2. Afternoon, gang!

3. The " Aang Gang "?

4. Silver Cutlassfish Gang!

5. Aggro definition, aggressiveness, especially that of an urban youth gang or gang member

6. Gang bang is rude.

7. Gang dur Alt-Züri.

8. Shackles and gang chains

9. co gang het minh.

10. Tiffany was gang raped.

11. Please, no gang signs

12. A very white gang.

13. No, they're always gang members

14. Gang Vehicle Locations for Confiscator

15. Every gang needs a hideout.

16. This is betraying the gang.

17. Police suspect a local gang.

18. We are not a gang.


20. To gang up when I talk.

21. About No. 3 in the gang.

22. Gang members don't usually take trophies.

23. Buba Lyrics: Scum Gang! / MJ / Pharaoh.

24. Lucy and the whole " Peanuts " gang.

25. A criminal gang terrorized the neighbourhood.

26. Sometimes friends gang up on you.

27. Some gang of cutthroats and murderers.

28. 17 Police suspect a local gang.

29. 8 The gang bushwhacked the campers.

30. Duraman çünkü Bege seni mahvetti yea Harman (yeah) Qardonum içi patlar Run run gacı gelip beni darlar Yeah, harman Qardonum içi patlar (squah) Run run gacı gelip beni darlar (ye ye) Gang, gang Gang, gang Gang, gang (Artz, what's poppin' my G?) Harman Qardonum içi patlar Run run gacı gelip beni darlar Yeah, harman Qardonum içi patlar

31. 16 A gang of scamps threatened us.

32. 1 The gang silenced witnesses by intimidation.

33. The navy resorted to the press-gang.

34. A gang of delinquents harried the storekeeper.

35. Rival drug gang taking out the mastermind?

36. It's the deadliest gang in the world.

37. The gang picked their victims at random.

38. Composure Lyrics: Skrr (DY Krazy), skrr, skrr / Skrr, skrr / Gang, bitch / Gang, gang / You fucking with me, that's gon' cost you some commotion (Bitch, bitch) / I'm gettin' sick and tired of

39. The Bozos are a sadistic prankster gang

40. What makes him doubt the gang theory?

41. He counted gang members among his friends.

42. Thirdly, there is the potentially violent gang.

43. The gang tied up a security guard.

44. a laborer assigned to a section gang.

45. could be some kind of gang initiation.

46. 18 The gang silenced witnesses by intimidation.

47. 5 A criminal gang terrorized the neighbourhood.

48. 4 A gang taunted a disabled man.

49. They told me I couldn't gang bang.

50. I'm Lee Gang-hee from Nation Daily.